Walking Dead Panel and Trailer Review

The Walking Dead panel and trailer highlights.

We start with the panel results, some were mentioned during Fear The Walking Dead panel but has relevance.

  • They start by talking about how they almost didn’t do this panel as the Walking Dead family lost a member, one of the stunt men recently lost his life.
  • George Romero was also remembered for all of his forward thinking and how neither show would have happened with Romero’s vision.
  • Panel said that if they knew they were going to die they would want to go out by taking as many as they could with them, or like Sasha did.
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan says AMC limits what his character can do all the time, he said he was given “1 damn, 7 shits, and 0 fucks” to use on his character who uses the f word all the time.
  • We will never see someone who is immune to the virus.
  • We might at some point see both shows cross over in some way. At this point more likely with Fear since they are farther back in time.
  • They haven’t closed the book on the fact that we see what is happening in another country.

In regards to the trailer, we were given a 5 minute long trailer which is action packed, but in typical Walking Dead fashion, leaves you guessing.

  • Father Gabriel is in trouble with Negan. You can hear a lot of walkers in the background.
  • Jerry has a line which makes you think he is going to die. 😦
  • Rick, Maggie and Ezekiel all get to give an encouraging speech at some time.
  • All three factions band together to fight the Saviors.
  • Lots of fighting, booby traps, walkers, Saviors, an all out war as the story goes.
  • Morgan says he doesn’t die, so dead right?
  • We end with Rick Grimes in a bed, with a cane in his room, graying hair, just waking up. Which gets everyone talking, unhappy thought is the whole thing was a dream. Another theory is it was just a large time jump and the end of the series, with how big it is unlikely. They might be copying the comics? ** If you don’t want a potential comic spoiler don’t scroll to the bottom**

The Walking Dead returns Sunday October 22nd on AMC.

The Walking Dead _ Season 8 - Photo Credit: AMC
Walking Dead Returns October 22nd. Photo Credit: AMC











***Comic Book Spoiler, of course that doesn’t mean it will happen in the show***
In the comic series, after the next story line concludes, the show has an undisclosed fast forward, and Rick suffered a broken leg. That might be what it is eluding to.


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