Hey everyone and everything! Hope your winter break went a lot better than mine. Right now, I am recovering from a nasty cold, so if I seem a bit off, it most likely is the cold medicine. Still, I did get to watch the Korean version which inspired this series, and got to enjoy a lot of parallels, but it is an entirely different storyline, and I would highly recommend it. I meant to watch an episode, and then review, but the next thing I knew it was episode 8 and I had to walk away. Sorry, tangent.

pro 1.1

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

It will return to ABC Monday, January 8th, at 10PM EST. It does show only 3 more episodes slotted, but then again, this is the first season of a brand new show. This series follows a group of doctors going through their residency at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Sounds commonplace, but what is unique about the series is one of the doctors is autistic – Shaun Murphy. The series has aired 10 episodes, the 11th airing Monday the 8th. We were left off with Claire being sexually harassed, Jared getting fired for touching the man harassing Claire, and Shaun hitting Glassman before disappearing. The promos are hinting that Shaun did run away, but it looks like he brought our favorite neighbor, Lea. They are driving, and singing at a bar. Shaun looks happy. There is the sound effect of tires screeching, but I really hope everyone is ok.

pro 1.2

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

I really am excited for this series to continue through season 1, and hope there are more than just 3 episode left. I also hope they will get signed on for another season, but I really don’t see why they wouldn’t. I also really hope I get over this cold by tomorrow. Well, I know it isn’t much, but I’d rather wait until the episode comes out to talk your verbal ears off. I also hope if anyone has any comments or questions, please ask, I would be more than happy to respond. But, for now my lovelies, I hope your year is as amazing and spellbinding as this series, and as always, stay shiny!