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Fresh Off the Boat Season 4 Episode 3 “Kids” Review: Good and Bad

Season 4 of Fresh Off the Boat is hitting it's stride, catch up on the Huang's busy lives with our episode 3 review!

It only took 3 episodes for the show to give us the Grandma Huang storyline we wanted, and we couldn’t be happier. The show has hit a campier stride, more in tune with its first season, but with 3 distinct story lines in one episode it feels balanced and very watchable.

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

Our least favorite storyline is somehow Jessican and Louis’s increased time with friends. We miss super mom Jessica and good-cop-parent Louis, because for the third week in a row we get the “humour of Jessica being a and friend to Honey, and it stopped being charming and is almost hard to watch. Almost as if the bonding in the Jeopardy episode never happened, Jessica and Louis try to intervene and have Marvin change his mind about having a baby woth Honey because they didn’t want to “lose their friends” to a new kid. It’s all selfish and uncomfortable, but them driving Marvin to a reverse vasectomy where he makes a run to a bus to escape them is definitely peak humour.

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

Again in taking characterization in a new direction to our displeasure is baby-fying Evan. A lot of his time is spent with Eddy and Alison who he still wants to be friend wirh and they pretend to get back together. Eddy’s strange coming of age lesson this week (which needs to stop being the new focus of every episode this season) is to be mature and friendly with Alison and not let their breakup consume him. Or something like that, because we didn’t have time to process it until Evan had an unusual tantrum and smeared his ice cream on the couch, blaming Eddy as punishment for lying to him. It was hilarious but bratty and uncomfortable to watch, which is an unusual emotion for us to feel at the youngest Huang.

Fresh Off the Boat – ABC

The best storyline was hands down Evan becoming Grandma Huang’s goodluck charm. With his bad luck growing worse, the rest of his family has started avoiding him, but not sly, old grandma, she knows a good thing when she sees it. She used his bad luck to her advantage, having him break knick knacks she doesn’t want to keep, and even taking him to mahjong to push his bad luck onto her opponents. She confesses what she’s doing to him and his moral compass, typically pointing towards pureness, points him to help grandma and potentially giving us a continuous source of comedy gold for the rest of the season.

Catch up on Fresh Off the Boat on Hulu and don’t miss next weeks new Episode, we know we won’t!

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