Thanksgiving Day Specials to watch for the Holiday.

It’s the middle of November, which means it’s almost time for Thanksgiving. That means getting together with loved ones, watching sports, forgetting about problems, and enjoying holiday specials. While they may not be as popular as the ones made for Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving Day Specials are still a thing. If you’re looking for something special to watch while waiting to eat, here are three deliciously good Thanksgiving Day specials.

Full disclosure: We will stick to animated works for this list and are either Thanksgiving Day-themed or revolve around the concept. In addition, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving will be excluded, as that’s the first thing everyone thinks of watching.

Regular Show: The Thanksgiving Special

This special is yet another one of the reasons why Regular Show is one of the best cartoons of the 2010s. After Mordecai and Rigby accidentally destroy Thanksgiving dinner for their families and coworkers, the entire Park Gang scrambles to come up with a last-minute feast to salvage the holiday. Being Regular Show, though, they end up facing all manner of obstacles, the biggest being a parody of Donald Trump himself.

Next to A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, this may be the best Thanksgiving special one can hope to find. Regular Show managed to encapsulate everything that makes the holiday what it is, from the stress of preparing the dinner and making sure everyone makes it on time to the feeling of joy that comes from being with the ones you love. The biggest draw to the special, though, is when Mordecai and Rigby sing a heartfelt rock ballad that embodies the meaning of the holiday. Don’t be surprised if you end up shedding a tear from it. 

Rick and Morty: Rick and Morty’s Thanksplotation Spectacular

Leave it to Rick and Morty to make Thanksgiving into a storm of sci-fi nonsense. After once again angering the President, Rick finds himself wanted by the US government just as turkey day rolls around. His solution? Turn himself into a turkey and trick the President into pardoning him. In true Rick and Morty fashion, things quickly go off the rails with their fight creating an army of super turkeys that threatens to conquer the country. Also, aliens show up somewhere in the midst of this.

While not officially a Thanksgiving special, this episode counts because it focuses on the holiday and the role turkeys play in it. The results are hilarious, with Rick and the President’s efforts to continually one-up each other resulting in the most ridiculously convoluted plans, even by Rick and Morty standards. It’s the kind of story you don’t need to think too hard on; turn your brain off and enjoy Rick and Morty fighting an army of evil turkeys.

South Park Specials

Over the years, South Park has done multiple Thanksgiving-themed episodes, and as you would expect from the show, they are all hilarious. In “Helen Keller! The Musical,” the kids try to put on a Broadway-level production of the life of Helen Keller for Thanksgiving, complete with a disabled turkey named Gobbles. In 2011, the episode “A History Channel Thanksgiving” managed to satirize History Channel’s attempts to sensationalize history and parody the movie, Thor. However, the best Thanksgiving specials were when Thanksgiving had little involvement: the Black Friday Trilogy.

With the (then) upcoming release of the PS4 and Xbox One in time for the holidays, the kids of South Park argue over which console they should get on Black Friday. As a result, they split into two rival groups that gradually draw more and more people into their conflict, and all while businesses seek to exploit the entire thing for cash.

The Black Friday Trilogy is some of the best episodes that South Park did in the 2010s. It satirized a lot of stuff, from Game of Thrones at its height, the lengths people and businesses will go to win on Black Friday, George R.R. Martin’s inability to finish his story, and the console wars at that point in time. In addition, the climax of the trilogy gave fans this absolutely brutal battle between customers on Black Friday that may not be as big an exaggeration as some may think.

The moral of the story: never shop on Black Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!