It’s been a little while but Lucifer is back for a week. Last week’s episode was a flashback so it might have been a filler episode. I don’t know let’s dive in and find out.

Los Angeles 2011, Lucifer’s first day on Earth and he is rocking a fly white suit and wings.

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In no time Lucy is having fun with ladies. Lots of ladies, until Amenadiel pops in, freezes time and says it’s time for Lucifer to go back to hell. Lucifer isn’t about going back to hell until Amenadiel plays the dad card. Amenadiel agrees to give Lucifer ten minutes to say goodbye to the ladies.

While waiting outside Amenadiel is murdered, well kind of. A dude with a ski mask and a gun saw Amenadiel looking at him so you put a couple bullets in him and stole his necklace.

Amenadiel barges into Lucy’s hotel room. There’s been a change of plans. In a ridiculous outfit Amenadiel heads to police station to report his stolen necklace where he meets with Detective Decker but right now she’s an officer and still married to Dan. Dan is investigating a homicide right where Amenadiel was robbed. The dead guy ran by Amenadiel before he was robbed.

The cops didn’t help so Amenadiel wants Lucifer’s help to get the necklace back.

Officer Decker takes her crack at some detecting at the crime scene and finds a key fob. Decker believes the robbery is linked to the murder and she doesn’t think the victim was random.

On the hunt, Lucy and Amenadiel hit some swanky party. It takes about 5 minutes before Amenadiel realizes Lucifer is just trying to delay his return to hell.

Aidan Scott was an MMA fighter and a recent murder victim.

Lucifer officially agrees to help for a favor to be cashed in later. The pair go “car shopping,” they get Lucy’s corvette.

Lucy takes Amenadiel to a porn shooting. There’s a reason though. In the picture of Aiden, Lucifer recognized the boobs next to him and who they belonged to, Misty Cannons. Lucifer fan girls over her a bit and Amenadiel gets confused for “an actor.”

Another ridiculous outfit for Amenadiel. He’s a window washer.

Once he starts talking about Aiden, Misty Cannons realizes he isn’t an actor. Talking to her he finds out Aiden was offered a bribe to throw his next fight but he turned it down.

Decker is at the MMA gym trying to find out more about Aiden. She asks if he ran the same route everyday. He did which means whoever killed him may have known that. The owner sends her off on a lead, a fight promoter and his tattooed friend.

Looks like Lucy and Amenadiel got the same lead from Misty Cannons, a woman’s cage fight. Decker finds the tattooed man and he runs like all innocent men. Lucifer and Amenadiel find the promoter. He wants nothing to do with them until Amenadiel knocks out the former heavy weight champ and now Amenadiel is a fighter and on the card Aiden was supposed to be on.

Amenadiel needs to learn to fight like a human. Lucy tries to train him.

The promoter approaches Lucy about his fighter taking a fall.

At the station Decker wants to investigate a crime family who tall, bald and tattooed might be connected to. With no actual evidence Dan says no. Meanwhile Lucifer is watching Hot Tub High School until Amenadiel interrupts and he has to grab a lap pillow.

Amenadiel has spoken to the promoter about his necklace. He claimed to know nothing so Amenadiel thinks it’s time for torture. Good thing Lucy sprung Maze from hell just for that. Enter Maze.

Maze’s torture turned to sex but he definitely doesn’t know anything. Someone beat him to Aiden about throwing the fight.

The plan now is to get the same person who tried to get Aiden to throw the fight to get Amenadiel to throw the fight.

Meanwhile Decker meets with Charlotte Richards who is the lawyer for a bunch of crime families including the one baldy and the promoter belongs to.

Amenadiel calls Lucifer evil. He doesn’t take it well at all. Lucifer decides to take Amenadiel’s opponents spot.

Devil vs. Angel.

Lucifer vs. Amenadiel.

Blood is shed but the fighting stops. Amenadiel won’t stoop to Lucy’s level and he taps out.

Decker and Dan are on a stakeout. Thanks to Charlotte a sting has been put in place. The promoter is dropping money off for murderer.

Lucy and Amenadiel are on the same stakeout.

It was the owner of the gym. I knew it! I called it, just not in this post.

Lucy and Amenadiel snatch him before Decker can get to him. He never planned to kill Aiden, he just wanted to scare him but Aiden fought back. Lucy does his devil stuff and they drop him back off for Decker and Dan.

With his necklace Amenadiel is ready to leave. Lucifer isn’t going, he isn’t an angel anymore. Lucy cashes in on his favor and it’s for Amenadiel to leave him alone.

At the beach Maze cuts Lucifer’s wings off.

My thoughts:

That was a fun little episode but it had no real consequences. We already knew what was gonna happen.

Alright see you in 3 weeks when Lucifer officially comes back.

Lucifer will be back January 22nd at 8pm on Fox.