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It’s another one of those weeks where I’m visiting my non-Neighbours watching support bubble, so this round-up is minus Friday’s episode. As usual, I’ve still got plenty to say though, so let’s crack on.

Roxy Flamin-goes For a New Job

Roxy is gunning for the job as manager of the Flamingo Bar. Now, call me dim, but up until this storyline started I thought she’d already got the job as the manager of the Flamingo Bar, so I’ll admit to being more than a little confused that she had to apply for it. Roxy is somehow unable to fill in a job application, which leads to one of the best lines of the week when she asks Kyle for help and he replies by saying, “I’m no Picasso.” Bless his heart. Roxy decides that the only way to get the job at the bar she already appears to be managing is for her to wow Terese and Paul by putting on an event. She plumps for a beach volleyball event and ropes Kyle and that ridiculous caricature of a dim lifeguard in to help her advertise. I can foresee some sort of disaster with this whole thing, but I haven’t quite figured out what it will be yet, but rest assured that with the three bluntest minds in Erinsborough on the case, it’s sure to go belly up.

Toadie and Hendrix are the Comedy Duo the World Needs Right Now

Why don’t Hendrix and Toadie have more screen time together? They’re hilarious. The scene where Hendrix was in Toadie and Melanie’s hotel room made me laugh so much, as did the one at Toadie’s house where they made the deal not to spill the beans on each other. They’re two of the most likable and most versatile actors on Neighbours, and it’s a joy to see them doing some comedy bits together. They are pure gold on screen and I need more Toadrix!

Farewell Emmett (Again)

Emmett’s gone off to New Zealand with his mum who is the reincarnation of Janelle Timmins. I cannot even describe how bored I am with this whole storyline, so I’m kind of glad he’s gone. For the second time. Let’s hope he doesn’t boomerang back again.

Bye, Emmett! Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Get in the Bin, Aaron

Aaron’s being awful again. He and David want Nicolette to move back in with them now that Emmett and Brent are no longer there, but Nicolette is feeling happy and settled at Chloe’s house. Aaron’s tears strip off Chloe and demand that she encourages Nicolette to move back in, repeatedly kicking her throughout their family meal, even after Chloe had said she wasn’t going to take sides. Have a word with yourself, Aaron. Chloe says she’s not taking sides, so maybe stop kicking her and trying to get her to manipulate her girlfriend into doing what you want her to do. He’s been such a tool lately.

Jane Gives Everyone Some Stick

Jane returns, right smack bang into the middle of all the family drama, and immediately bores everyone to tears with all her stories from Mildura. She says that their Year 13 programme isn’t as sophisticated as Erinsborough’s, but I suppose scented oil diffusers don’t come cheap, do they? She decides to mediate between everyone by giving them a wooden spoon as a “talking stick”, so they don’t all yell over the top of one another, giving rise to a hilarious tug of war, as everyone tries to snatch the stick off each other so they could have their turn to yell. They eventually sort it all out, but it isn’t really because of Jane’s mediation techniques. Maybe she should stick to making mood boards and being catty about Curtis…

Brent’s Got a New Look

When Brent lived on Ramsay Street, in a house that presumably had a wardrobe and laundry facilities, all he wore was a selection of over-sized T-shirts in drab colours like khaki and brown. Now he’s sleeping rough in a shed by the beach, and all of a sudden he’s dressing like a Montague from Baz Luhrman’s Romeo + Juliet. Where is he getting these Hawaiian shirts from all of a sudden? This is literally the only aspect of this whole Brent saga that I care about. I need answers.

Brent in one of his most vibrant T-shirts. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy