There is a lot going on, in this episode. Nate talking to the FBI and providing a DNA sample to prove his father didn’t handle the gun. And Nate is sticking to his gun that Miller was the one who ordered the hit. But we know that he didn’t do it and that it was in fact the Governor. Which is confirmed when Nate finally hears the actual phone conversation. But Miller is working for Birkhead and doing what everyone law officer in this show does, investigate Annalise who hasn’t actually killed anyone. Nate continues to steer the investigation towards the governor which can help prove his accusations against Miller.

Now, Bonnie has to deal with Miller being innocent of Nate Sr’s death but what he is guilty of we don’t know yet. I mean he is involved but up to what point we don’t know yet. With her background she will be on suicide watch soon, seeing as how she finished off her boyfriend. And that job goes to Asher who can’t hold water in a bucket. So it is only a matter of time before everyone else will find out. But in the end what else could Bonnie have done, she could have let Nate do it. I mean he is a cop. And because no one seems to be on his side he is angry.

You can definitely tell that the show is coming to an end because the flow isn’t there anymore. In between trying to get Emmett off and Michaela covering her ass for yet another epic failure with Tegan, Nate is trying to find evidence that Miller was involved with his dad’s death. Definitive proof, or justification for beating him to death. He needs to lay his guilt to rest and the only holds on him finding the proof. And slowly everyone is falling apart. Including Laurel who is going overboard with the baby trauma that he won’t remember into adulthood. She literally bites her head off every time she sees Bonnie. But lest we forget Laurel’s own rocky relationship with her mom and those 3 scratches she spent season 4 hiding. I guess she just pisses me off cause she is such a hypocrite. Michaela to the rescue and she shares her trauma and the fact that she doesn’t remember it because she was 2 and Christopher is younger than that. And before you judge, yes I am a mom myself. And really? I am 100% positive my son doesn’t remember catching me and his father in a compromising position when he was 6 months old. But maybe I am wrong……….Laurel is annoying as hell since Wes died. And I don’t know part of me believes she actually killed her mom and is sending that stuff to herself. But her family is nuts and rich so anything is possible.

Annalise catches Emmett in a compromising position and basically checks him and tells him to stop rolling over and fight for what is right and stop what is being done to him. But he doesn’t really want to do it because of the woman. But in truth we know he wants Annalise. But she can’t stand to see him be done wrong so they come up with an idea that blames the actual person who did the wrong. And boom everything goes away.

So, the gang now knows everything thanks to Asher. They are dealing with it but Annalise lays down the plan that Nate came up with. Bonnie is handling Miller’s death horribly. Laurel is a hypocrite…………..And now we will see how they will pull this off and keep Nate out of jail. Tegan is so nosey but what will that eventually get her because she has called Telesco. What information does she want to share?