Whether you consider it an anime or not, there is no denying that RWBY has swept the internet off their digital feet. The American based show features some of the best, most creative characters, plots, and animation that is currently being broadcast. First premiering in July 2013 at RTX that summer, the show was a passion project by creator Monty Oum. Here are three reasons why you should binge watch RWBY immediately.

RWBY Vol. 3

Photo source: roosterteeth.com

  1. The first reason that you should begin watching RWBY as soon as humanly possible is the characters. This show has some of my favorite characters created; they are the characters that I wish I would have written. The show features four female main characters: Ruby Rose, Yang Xiao Long, Weiss Schnee, and Blake Belladonna. There are also four secondary characters that are very prevalent throughout the show: Jaune Arc, Pyrrha Nikos, Lie Ren, and Nora Valkyrie. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses that create a dynamic that always keeps the viewer on their toes. Some of the characters have a fairy tale like persona. For example, Ruby is portrayed as Little Red Riding Hood, but in this case, she has a giant scythe that will slice the wolf in half.
  2. The second reason that you should already be watching RWBY is the world. The story takes place in the mythical world of Remnant. In this world, there are monsters known as the creatures of Grimm, and yes, they are very grim. These are creatures that feed on humans or just like to kill humans for fun. To combat these creatures, people train at specialty schools to become hunters or huntresses to fight these creatures. A magical substance called Dust also exists in this world that allows people without magical abilities to use an element during combat. That really only scratches the surface to some of the lore and magic that the show has. For spoiler purposes, we’re only going to scratch that surface.
  3. If you’re not sold on RWBY already then, I have one final reason for you: the combat scenes. The fighting scenes in RWBY are what fans love so much about the series. In this world, there are unique weapons that give hunters and huntresses the ability to fight the evil creatures of Grimm. Ruby has a giant scythe that is also a gun, Weiss uses a sword imbued with the aforementioned Dust that allows her to use elemental damage in combat. The promotional videos that launched for the show are character shorts for all four main characters and they feature each character in a battle. These promos are just snippets of the fighting scenes in the rest of the show. Each time I watch the show, these scenes give me goosebumps.

BONUS REASON: The music in this show is absolutely beautiful. Each song features Casey Lee Williams and her voice is phenomenal. I listen to the soundtracks for the volumes on a constant basis.

So, there you have it, folks. Three and a half reasons why you should be watching RWBY if you are not watching already. Hopefully, I have convinced you to watch this amazing little show.