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Last week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was another stellar episode that gave us and Rebecca room to breathe while simultaneously changing her life in a big way.

You’ll recall that at the end of the last episode, Becks had hit her lowest point and swallowed a lot of pills, but then she pulled herself out and had the strength to ask for help. We reunite with her in the hospital in West Covina, where she is recovering and everyone is there to support her and give her what she needs – at least, those are their intentions at first.


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Rebecca is feeling guilty and like she inconvenienced everyone with her suicide attempt. This attitude is prevalent among many and stems from the stigma often associated with mental illness and the shame associated by talking about it. Once again, the show does a great job of presenting this attitude and also explaining why it’s a problem and making sure that Rebecca knows no one is mad or ashamed or inconvenienced, they’re all friends and there for her and concerned for her.

Becks’ new doctor – Dr. Damn (actually Dr. Shin but he is a hottie and Paula nicknames him Dr. Daaaaamn) – has consulted with Dr. Akopian and come up with a new diagnosis for Rebecca. He thinks she was misdiagnosed and that’s why none of the treatments and medications have been able to help her. The first musical number conveys Rebecca’s joy at getting a new diagnosis. This number is so real! It’s a fantastic feeling to have a doctor validate what you’ve been feeling by putting a name to it and letting you know that it’s not all just in your head, that your feelings are real and valid. It’s such a weight of your shoulders and this number starts out representing that.

Unfortunately, when Dr. Damn tells Rebecca that he thinks she has Borderline Personality Disorder, she hides in the bathroom, googles it for about 10 seconds, freaks the fuck out and refuses to acknowledge it, skipping group therapy and going home. With Paula’s encouragement, she actually storms over to Dr. Akopian’s office and protests the diagnosis. Badass Dr. A pulls out her DSM and reads Rebecca the symptoms of BPD, asking her if she recognizes herself in there. The show brilliantly intercuts each symptom with a flashback to a point in the series where Rebecca has outwardly displayed the behaviour. When Dr. Akopian finishes, Rebecca finally has her AHA moment. She recognized herself in ALL those symptoms and can finally acknowledge and be okay with her BPD. She goes back to Dr. Damn and gives the group therapy another try.

Paula goes into mama bear mode, ignoring her family and spending every second with Rebecca – not even letting the nurse assigned to her care in the room. It’s too much however, to an almost toxic point because she’s being more of an enabler than a true friend – especially when it comes to helping Rebecca deal with her diagnosis.


Source: CW Network // Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Nathaniel is also unable to reach out to his friend and convey the proper feelings and sentiments, but because he hasn’t processed his own past trauma. He goes to his parents house, ruins Martini Time and demands to know the truth about his mother’s “dehydration” episode. We get a pretty clear sense that what had actually happened was that his mother tried to commit suicide and he was the one who found her lifeless body. He ends up having a wonderful moment with his mom while she tends to her roses and manages to work through his grief and be there for Rebecca. He brings her a bouquet of those same roses (a simultaneously cliché and meaningful gift) and provides Becks with a much needed laugh.

Valencia is putting on a brave face here but actually having a really hard time with this whole thing. At the end of the episode she breaks down and admits that it’s because she’s never had a friend like Rebecca before. While Rebecca was terrible to her at first, it’s a friendship where each party is unapologetically herself and that is very rare. At first, to help, V records an Instagram video to let Rebecca’s people know that she’s okay. Then she starts to feel like she’s inspiring people and doing a good deed and starts to go overboard. She goes “live” every chance she gets, almost beats up Hector for getting in her shot, and starts accepting sponsorship deals…all for Rebecca and for “the people.” This culminates in a perfect Gabrielle Ruiz power ballad about duties that’s actually about doodies. *giggle*

Josh! You guys Josh is having a hard time and – as is on brand for him – is making all of this about himself. He shows up to the hospital and wants to talk to Rebecca but he’s only doing it to absolve himself of any wrong-doing. He did tell her to get out of his life forever, and though he didn’t mean permanently, he’s worried he did this to her. BUT IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU JOSH! IT WAS NEVER EVEN ABOUT YOU! And that’s what he hears Rebecca tell her girls at the end of the episode when he shows up to her apartment with a puppy (awwww – just at the cute puppy though). He also hears that he’s been irrelevant to her life this whole time – BECAUSE OUR GIRL HAS A BREAKTHROUGH – and gets the sads and walks away. I hope the puppy is okay.

Lastly Heather and Hector are on their third date and being adorable as can be. We also learn some more about Heather, including the fact that she has an axe in her room because she lives in a famous murder house.


Scott Everett White / The CW

At the very end, when Valencia breaks down, she asks Rebecca to promise that she won’t do this anymore and it is such a brilliant, honest, and pure moment that it makes you want to cry. Rebecca honestly says that she can’t promise that but that she’ll try her hardest. Kudos to Bloom, Brosh-McKenna, and Peña for penning such a powerful episode.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will be back with a new episode on December 8th.