Recently we heard of Disney and Fox back in talks about the faith of Fox’s TV and film department.  While personally, I’m not a fan of Disney buying Fox Studio due to how it would lead to the centralized power of the film world. Decent X-men films do not justify a film monopoly. But I do think this is unavoidable.

This would lead to every fanboy dream of near perfect MCU with almost all of its characters.  The potential film slate and crossovers are there for moments originally thought wouldn’t be possible to see on the big screen.

However, some are worried about the faith of the tone of the darker and more mature Xmen films. It’s hard to imagine to see Dinsey market and produced films like Deadpool after buying Fox Studios.

But I think Disney will definitely consider keeping this tone for certain Xmen films. I highly doubt we’ll ever get a hard R Xmen film I still think we might get a third Deadpool film in the same vein as the first two. Disney is in the business to make money. We saw how big of an of box office juggernaut both Logan and Deadpool were. If they changed the tone and rating of Deadpool 3 it will most likely hurt both the film’s reception from both fans and critics and box office number. Logan would have been as powerful with a tone down PG13 rating.

How can Disney keep those films intact and continue to make R rated Xmen films? By creating a “pocket universe” of R rated darker films for suitable charters such as Deadpool and Logan. Dinsey should have a Marvel Knights type MCU where all the films are out of the MCU traditional style of films.

Dinsey and Kevin Feige should look at Ryan Reynolds and Chad Stahelski to oversee the more mature marvel films from here on out. Reynolds had a long history working with both Marvel and Fox and Stahlski has made quite a name for himself with the John Wick series.  Marvel and Disney can still keep and expand The main Xmen film series while allowing a sperate department for unique and gritty marvel films. It would be beneficial for all parties and allow for creative films we would have lost int he MCU cookie cutter mold.