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It seems pretty apropos that the theme for this season’s “UnREAL” is the 70s hair Heart hit “Barracuda.” The barracuda-that most vicious of fish-swims to eat and DOMINATES. The ladies of “UnREAL” are channelling the ‘cuda and wrecking shop.

In the season premiere, we see Quinn and Rachel scheming to bring their vision of “Everlasting” to the network. Chet is out and off on a Paleolithic hunting trip with his pack (o..kay) and the keys to the kingdom are in Quinn and Rachel’s grasp. Their first order of business: tattooing the greatest triumvirate in the history of tattoos. Money. D!ck. Power. They take their newly inked wrists to Vegas baby, Vegas! to woo the network to their “Everlasting” pitch. The wrinkle for this 14th season: an African-American pro football player, Darius Beck (welcome B.J. Britt from “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”).

It’s a bold strategy and between the sex, drugs and booze, Quinn and Rachel lock in their suitor and begin the real work of casting the perfect suitees for their suitor.

There are the inevitable challenges: the racist southern primadonna, her African-American debutante roommate with PTSD and a dead fiancè and “hot Rachel” (real name Yael), so dubbed by Rachel’s lame of an ex-boyfriend. The red herring in all of this is is Jay’s bachelorette: an activist with definite ideas about whom she is.

The dialogue, the repartee and the chemistry with the cast is on fire after the first episode. The reemergence of Chet-and his diabolical plan to wreak havoc on the show-will no doubt have dire consequences for Quinn and Rachel. After last season’s promotion of Quinn to executive producer and Rachel as showrunner of “Everlasting,” the dynamic has shifted once more. Quinn is back showrunning and Rachel is her lackey.Again.

The twists and hits just keep coming on “UnREAL” and the suitor hasn’t even met the ladies yet. The fireworks for next week’s show will truly be outrageous. Join in our livetweet on Mondays, 10PM PST using #GetReal.