How is Syfy’s new show, Krypton? Scroll down to find out my thoughts below.

This post contains Major Spoilers for the series premiere of Krypton.

“You only think you’re the end of the line.”- Adam Strange

We start 14 years in the past with a young Seg-El watching as his grandfather is murdered and his family name (House-El) disgraced over his supposed radical findings. He believed there was a force out there that was going to destroy Krypton, but nobody else believed him, save his family.

In the present, grown-up Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) is fighting and scamming his way to make money for his family in a bar when a “strange” man in a Detroit Tigers baseball cap comes in.

Lyta Zod (Georgina Campbell), of House-Zod, one of the military rulers of Krypton, is forced to fight her mother, Alura (Ann Ogbono) in hand to hand combat, when she is viciously beaten by her mother. The Sagittarii, which they call themselves “never ask for mercy and never give it.”

After sneaking into the council and saving everyone from a bomber, Seg-El is now allowed to join the science guild and is given a guild wife, Nyssa-Vex (Wallis Day), whom will eventually conceive a child together in the genesis chamber. Technology in Krypton allows them to see their child’s destiny before he’s even born. Seg-El ponders if this is the right thing. Seg-El is now a pawn in the game of House-Vex.

The “strange” man we saw at the beginning in the bar finds Seg-El and tells him about his destiny. The man, Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos), tells Seg-El that he’s traveled across a lot of time and a lot of space to find him. He also tells him that Krypton is going to be destroyed, his grandson is the greatest hero ever known on Earth, and that he has to find the fortress. He gives him a crystal with the classic “S” symbol on it and we find out that due to his families transgressions, the symbol has been outlawed in Kandor.

Seg-El returns to Lyta Zod, who have been dating for some time now. He tells her about his new role with House-Vex and when he leaves he is stopped by the armed forces. They find the outlawed symbol on the crystal but before they can take him away, Seg El’s mother rescues him in a ship and takes him to the Fortress to explain everything to him. Once inside the Fortress, Seg El learns all about his grandfather and how he’s been trying to protect Krypton. The Kryptonian armed forced had tracked their ship however so they leave. Once back in Kandor City, Seg El’s mother, Charys-El, gives herself up and hides Seg with the crystal in a wall where he wouldn’t be found.

Due to his relationship with Lyta Zod, Seg visits his imprisoned mother. Alura, makes it clear that Seg would either have been killed or sitting up there with his mother if it weren’t for his relationship with her daughter, Lyta. His mother is put on trial in front of Daron-Vex, the same man that killed his grandfather. Before she is sentenced, Charys-El tells everyone in the council that there is something out there and that it’s going to find them. Daron asks who her accomplice was. Before Seg can do anything, his father tells the council it was him and both Seg’s mother and father are killed.

Seg-El heads to the bar we saw earlier in the episode to find a spaceship to take to the Fortress but before doing so he breaks up with Lyta. Once in the Fortress, Adam Strange shows up again to talk more about his grandson, Kal-El (Superman). While things are dire for Seg-El currently, his mother, father and grandfather have all been murdered in front of him, Adam Strange makes Seg realize that his destiny is much bigger than he would ever think. He tells Seg that while he thinks he’s the end of the line right now, he’s actually just the beginning. Finally, we learn what this big cosmic entity is that is coming for Krypton, Braniac.


Syfy’s Krypton has been called Game of Thrones but in space but I don’t watch Game of Thrones so I can’t really comment on their similarities. However, the cgi and effects are top notch for a television show, especially for a network like Syfy and while they do film Krypton in some of the same locations as GOT, the scale of the show is pretty large. For a show like Krypton to work, the scale of the show needs to be large and from Krypton’s technological standpoint, each scene, location, and set needs to be up to the standard, from this standpoint, Krypton succeeds, the show is beautiful.

As someone who just finally finished all 10 seasons of Smallville I was very interested to see where this show would take us. While Smallville is basically a prequel to Superman (or a very long origin story) Krypton, is the prequel to the prequel, which can be very tricky. While we know eventually one day Seg-El’s grandson will grow up as the man we know as Superman, I would hope this show would lean more toward forging it’s own path than bringing up trivial plot points only meant to give us more Superman than we really need. For the most part Krypton succeeds, however for the casual fan it’s easy to get lost in all of Krypton’s mythology. This is something Krypton is going to have to decide throughout it’s first season, who is this show for, the casual or the hardcore fan? Because right now I don’t know.

The pilot episode did a good job (not great) of setting the stage for the rest of the season, it moved along pretty quickly and wasted no time in letting Seg-El find out his destiny. I’m really interested in getting a better look at Braniac because it was awesome to see a comic-book accurate version of him in the few seconds we did get to see.