Super Channel is pleased to announce Secrets of Big Data, a new Super Channel Original docuseries from Shark Teeth Films will premiere on Monday, July 4 at 8 p.m. ET on Super Channel Fuse. All six episodes will be available to binge-watch or stream on Super Channel On Demand the same day. Super Channel is available via most cable providers across Canada, Amazon Prime Video channels, and Apple TV+.

Humans love to collect and manipulate data – it holds promises and pitfalls for our future, making predictions possible and allowing us to look for deeper meaning in the universe, but it is a double-edged sword – bad and biased data wreak untold havoc in our world.

This series tells the stories of the future that big data is bringing to our doorsteps, the extreme adventures in gathering remote data, the real-world dangers of predictions, artificial intelligence and sentient machines, and hacks and exploits that expose our darkest secrets to the world.

Experts contribute their hypotheses in four stories each episode as the narrator unfolds the elements, telling the story through archive imagery, stock footage, and a data-driven approach to motion graphics and CGI.

In the premiere episode “Beat Down by Data,” a British warship has its location mysteriously faked when its automated tracking data is compromised, sparking a tense military standoff with Russian forces in the Black Sea. An American teenager is arrested and beaten by police after parking his car in an area determined to be a hotspot for crime by a computer algorithm. A LiDar scan of the Amazon rainforest reveals several strange circular depressions on the jungle floor. An Indian woman had her livelihood destroyed by a cyclone twice in twenty years, but artificial intelligence may just prevent it from happening again.

Check out Secrets of Big Data, available on Super Channel starting July 4th!