The Walking Dead, for the first time in awhile, was fun again. Between Rick getting to mix it up with Negan, to forgiveness and acceptance of what’s happening, to brand new characters, The Walking Dead threw a lot at us. I also learned that moisture is a made up word.

The Saviors started to put into action Negan’s plan, that stemmed from Eugene’s babbling, to get all the weapons soaked with walker blood and guts to create time released death on the members of the Hilltop. Hit some people in the Hilltop with the infected weapons, wait for them to die and take out more of the Hilltop from the inside all told it’s a pretty solid plan. Dwight tried to get on a motorcycle to run point for the convoy, while I think really to try to get away and give a warning to The Hilltop until Simon said they will ride together and go over the plan. Negan is going to drive himself, well him and his top lady Lucille, who is in the passenger seat in a bucket of walker blood.


Negan is getting to second base with Lucille, I think, before heading to The Hilltop. Photo Credit: Gene Page AMC

At the Hilltop, Rick and Michonne show up, Rick talks with Daryl, where Daryl apologies for trying to end it so quick, and not caring who was there. Rick said he should have as well, he should have only been worried about his own people and to hell with anyone else’s people. He understand why Daryl did what he did, he also is appreciative and thanks him for getting everyone to the Hilltop. Rick says he is good and is ready to join the fight, he is ready to end this. Rick and Daryl work with the current plan to keep an eye out for them as the Saviors will be coming, and they will split up to cover more ground. When someone sees the Saviors they are to honk and warn everyone as Maggie has scouts every half mile.

Out on the road, Rick sees the convoy and is about to alert the others, when he sees Negan in a car by himself and decides he is going to take care of this himself. Simon talks Dwight’s ear off, nothing new really, Simon does’t believe that Negan’s plans are going to work. He thinks that this latest warning is pointless. While the convoy gets closer to a town, Rick comes in hot and takes out Negan’s car, why Negan is in the back…well let’s just over look that bad play. Simon sees it, and can’t help but be happy to see that. He blocks off the alley with the big truck, and asks someone else to do it at the other end, he convinces everyone that it’s better if the rest stay together and Dwight and Simon will go look for Negan.


Hey Negan do you want to see my Storm Trooper impersonation? Photo Credit: Gene Page AMC

Rick was able to hit the broad side of the barn with his gun, sadly he was aiming at Negan though. Negan makes a run for a building that has a warning on the outside to stay out, Negan makes a smart move by hiding in the doorway and almost knocks Rick out with Lucille as he rushes in but Rick’s instincts had him quickly slide under the bat. Negan takes off up stairs and Rick, now using the python, uses up the rest of the bullets in that as well. Negan, with bat, invites Rick to come upstairs at him, but Negan didn’t expect Rick to have a tiny ax that he threw at Negan, caused him to lose his balance clinching to the ledge from the stairs to the first floor. Rick wastes to much time honestly, but does try to cut off Negan’s hand with the ax which is savage, but Negan lets go into the basement. Rick heads down, passing a bunch more warnings about eaters inside and to stay away.

While both are making the way through the basement they are barking at each other, Negan is a shooter, always taking shots, tells Rick he should have let him save them. He is good at that, the other communities never lost anyone else after the initial death until Rick came along. He goes on, as a node to his bad ass son that he liked, he will offer them a special one time deal, he will lower the tribute from 50% down to 25% if the communities fall in line and Rick goes to work for him.

Rick counters that he can’t trust him, and asks if what they did to Jadis and her people. Negan isn’t quite sure what Rick means and asks what he meant. Rick says take out the entire community, and asks if that is how they “save” people. Negan didn’t know what Simon did and is obviously pissed. Rick finds himself a little lady named Lucille. Outside, Dwight and Simon find Negan’s car, smashed on it’s side. Dwight and Simon talk it through, Simon says they can just move on with a new path, or they can try to find Negan and who knows if he is breathing or not. Dwight throws a lit cigarette towards the car causing it to burst into flames as they head back to the group.

Rick tells Negan that what he has wouldn’t last, eventually he would have come across someone like Rick. He can’t save anyone, he can’t save his own people, he doesn’t care about anyone, the only thing he cares about is this bat. Negan gets heated and yells don’t you touch her!


Lucille is hot for Rick this episode. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

RICK LIGHTS LUCILLE ON FIRE! YES RICK LIGHTS LUCILLE ON FIRE! Rick starts bashing the boards that are keeping the eaters inside the other room. Negan rushes Rick and they both break through the boards into the room full of walkers. Rick and Negan  are fighting off walkers in between trying to take each other out. Negan takes a rush at Rick and is able to get Lucille and eventually out the basement window as he was able to get some walkers in between him and Rick. Rick is literally pistol whipping walkers to get to the window and out. When he gets back to the street Negan is nowhere to be found, why is he lost? Jadis was able to find him, has him at gunpoint in the passenger seat of the car, when he comes to she pistol whips HIM and knocks him out.

At the Hilltop the females reign supreme, Rosita and Maggie are at the wall keeping lookout, they are wondering if people are going to be able to come back from everything that has happened. Rosita says she just keeps going, and she is sure that, while looking towards Michonne and Enid, that they will too. Rosita says it will be harder when it is all done and it’s quiet when Negan is dead, Maggie says not for her. In the field, they see a crate in the open and curious to what it is. Rosita goes out and brings it back inside, it has a note inside “If you fill crates with food or phonograph records we will exchange for the key to your future.” It also lists coordinates for a meeting spot.

Michonne thinks that it has to be someone trying to help not the Saviors, they would make a big scene out of it. Maggie says it’s a trap, Michonne volunteers and Rosita will join, after thinking about it Maggie and Enid are going to join with extra gun clips in case it is a trap. The female A-Team arrives at the meeting spot, their is a jeep with bigger tires there, with two females outside and someone dressed up comes out.

Georgie is the leader, and the security is Hilda and Mitch. Georgie doesn’t like to share information with the weak, Rosita comes through from the side and holds them up, Enid goes and gathers the weapons. Maggie wants all that they have, Georgie says what she has inside wasn’t part of the deal. Maggie says their is no deal, Georgie says that they haven’t found very many communities at all, and nothing like this one in a very long time, what they have here is very unusual. Georgie says that eventually people can trust each other again and a sustainable future is possible. Michonne wants to take the deal still, and Maggie says no deal and they will take them and the van to Hilltop.

Michonne still says they should take the deal and let them leave before the Saviors arrive. Maggie says that the van is full of food and the people here are going to be starving soon. Enid says they should take the food before someone comes and kills them and takes the food. Michonne talks about Carl and how Carl went and saved Siddiq and now they have a doctor. Enid well now Carl is dead, Michonne asks Enid to take a step back. Maggie goes on that things just don’t work out, Michonne agrees that no they don’t, and Carl knew that, but he didn’t give up on who Rick wanted him to be. Michonne gives Maggie some things to think about, she looks around, seeing Judith and people around.

Maggie comes out that and agrees to four crates and they can leave and sooner rather than later is their recommendation. Georgie agrees, but she also wants to change terms, she says she will give them some of her food in the van. She says she can tell that the Hilltop could use it more than they could. Georgie says it’s not a gift, it’s considered barter. She will be back, but maybe not for awhile, but she expects great things from them. She delivers as promised the keys to a future.

What is it? It’s hand written plans for things like, windmills, watermills, silo’s. Hand drawn schematics of refining grain creating lumber. It’s a list of medieval accomplishments so they can have a future from their past. In the future, Georgie wants the crates filled when they get back, cheeses, pickles and the like. Maggie says they will see what they can do and Georgie says, no you will.

On the wall, Enid tells Michonne she killed and is alive, and Carl saved and died. Michonne tells Enid that Carl wasn’t saying to stop fighting, but their has to be something after. They will fight, and that’s what they are fighting for.

Buttoning up the Saviors, Dwight and Simon get back, and Simon makes a drastic turn and makes it sound that Negan is dead, and they need to change the message given to the Hilltop and they should just take them out entirely. Dwight is shocked by what he is leading them to do, but the Saviors are all in for coming to take out the Hilltop.