Episode three, Slashdance, began right where we left off previously, doors shaking in two portions of Camp Redwood with two separate serial killers on the loose.  At the infirmary, Rita, Brooke, Chet, and Ray were ambushed by the Night Stalker, narrowly escaping his wicked blade. Although Ray was quick to want to leave without his companions, he was the only individual to be pierced by the dagger, and by some miracle, Chet helped him escape. Meanwhile, at the boy’s cabin, Montana, Xavier, and Trevor were suddenly pelted with a fiery bag flung by Mr. Jingles himself. In an attempt to save the group, Trevor stopped it out, only to realize the bag was full of feces.


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With a sudden burst of confidence, team cabin rushed out the door to confront the now less intimidating Mr. Jingles. But wait, there’s not just one Mr. Jingles but two of them?! It turns out that the duo of bored teens was celebrating “Jingles Day,” a day full of mischief and poo. While explaining their seemingly made-up holiday, the real Mr. Jingles dethroned them and scurried into the woods. During his short stroll, Mr. Jingles ran into a third impostor that tugged at my heartstrings. He seemed to be the less cool one of the bunch if any of them were cool, to begin with, and Mr. Jingles spared his life for the time being.


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Rita and Brooke made it to their vehicle first. However, before Brooke could go in search of help, she was stabbed in the neck with a syringe filled with horse tranquilizers. As Rita went on her evil villain monologue, viewers received a deep dive into her past. Rita is not the lovable nurse we all thought she would be; she is a serial killer loving Ph.D. student. Her theory on why these men (Mr. Jingles, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, William Bonin, Patrick Kearney, and Robert “the Butcher Baker” Hansen) turned to violence? The increase and availability of porn, misogyny, and the Vietnam War. To put her thesis to the test, she hatched a plan to free Mr. Jingles from his prison and observing him in his natural habitat, Camp Redwood.


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After Ray and Chet dodged another attack from the Night Stalker, the plummeted into a pit filled with pongee stakes. Chet took a twig to the chest, and cowardly, Ray revealed a new hidden secret to his seemingly dying friend. Viewers were once again brought to the world of flashbacks only this time, to Ray’s frat house during hazing week. Ray and his college crew were forcing pledges to drink until they puke, strip, and touch either’s junk. During this “fun” time, one student desperately needed some food or water, but Ray just watched him tumble down the stairs instead. Thinking that this student was dead, Ray did the logical thing and attempted to send his dead body and car down a cliff. Only he wasn’t dead; Ray should have taken a CPR/first aid course until the vehicle went crashing down the hill. Chet listened to this horrible retelling and begged for help; however, Ray jumped out of the hole and left him to die.

montana talking to nightstalker

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Luckily for Chet, Trevor and Xavier weren’t cowardly and extracted him from the hole. Feeling pumped from this victory, when Trevor thought Mr. Jingles was coming around the bend, he pushed the antagonist into the pit of doom! Unfortunately, it was not Mr. Jingles but the final impostor. While this accident occurred, Ray met up with Montana but was intercepted by the Night Stalker. Lacking the constitution, Ray stole Trevor’s motorcycle and left Montana to face the foe alone. While speeding down the mountain, Ray’s head escaped his body when Mr. Jingles cleaved it off. Viewers thought Montana was going to use her feminine wilds to trick the Night Stalker into submission. However, she merely complained about his ineffective job of killing a specific woman.