Hello and Good Day my fellow nerdies! I really hope you all had I wonderful holiday season, and are excited for the New Year. It’s looking to be pretty awesome year next year! Well, let’s go and hop into this series. Seems just like the holiday season, Happy! Will end sooner than I at least expected.

H 3.1

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We start the episode off with Nick reminiscing about when he was a good cop. I mean, look at that haircut! It’s a little comical and made me giggle a little too much as we got to see how Nick and Merry working the streets, and Nick actually caring about the people of the city. He checks in on an abusive man who got to walk because of a connection and lays down a vaguely concealed threat. Still, you can see his words affected the man. We also get to see the dynamic of a hopeful Nick and a cynical Merry.

We also get to see a bit more of how the dynamics between Amanda now and Merry work, as they begin to work the case of finding Hailey, along with the other missing

H 3.3

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children. It seems being married to a cop has rubbed off on Amanda, as they decide to stake out a house where a child was missing, but a card had yet to come in. We can see Merry trying to make small talk, and trying to figure out if Hailey was Nick’s kid or not. Amanda wasn’t giving any details. Because of the flashbacks, we get to see Amanda was about to tell Sax about being pregnant.

While the adults are each looking for Hailey in their own way, Hailey realizes the voice she was talking to was not another kidnapped kid, but the crazy kidnapper. He forces her to eat some magical fruit cake, which I am pretty sure was drugged with a hallucinogenic. While Nick was looking, he runs across a woman named Mrs. Claus who

h 3.5

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talks about a super creepy Santa, one of those that was really messed up in the head. Did things to children, that type of bad. She implied he hung himself, but the elves all saw him do it, meaning he really was dead. But, the man had a son, and Mrs. Claus often wondered whatever happened to that little boy. If the storyline implications are correct, the little boy suffered at the hands of his father 20 years ago, but has yet to hurt the children he takes. In a previous episode, he mentioned wanting to keep them young, and I gotta say, in a twisted way, I think the creepy Santa Claus really isn’t that bad. He didn’t want the kids to suffer at the hands of the world. I mean, what he is doing is bad, and I am sure he is going to pay for his crimes, but you kinda feel bad for the guy because of his upbringing.

With only one episode left, we saw a whole lot going on, and the foundation of the big finale being prepped. Blue isn’t out of the picture, and Merry thinks Amanda is her answer to Nick. Nick is actually looking for this little girl, and ends up being confronted by crazy pants Santa Claus with a crowbar, and who can actually see Happy. We also got the see the moment Nick’s faith in humanity died. In the flashbacks, we learn the abusive man was back at it, and ended up killing his own child in a horrific way I rather not say. If Amanda had waited to talk with Nick until a week later, we probably would have a nice, happy family, and Merry would quietly back out of the picture… maybe.

h 3.4

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I really am enjoying this series, and cannot wait to read the comic it is based on, see what is the same, and what is different. I’m a little bummed tonight will be the last episode, but there is still hope for a Christmas miracle. Though in my heart of hearts, I got a feeling we will have Amanda, Hailey, and Nick reunited for a few moments before one of Blue’s enemy takes Sax out of the picture permanently. Though, what would make for an even greater twist is as Sax dies, Happy fades away, and we realize one of two things- Hailey is now too old for imaginary creatures, because of what she saw, or Happy was Nick’s imaginary creature, one who lingered around long enough to become his child’s. Horrible, I know, but would work with the series.

I hope to see you all in the New Year, and as always, stay shiny.