As revealed in the Letter From The Producer LIVE Part XL on Dec. 15. “Rise Of A New Sun” will be the name of the post Stormblood content coming to Final Fantasy XIV in January 2018!

Along with adding in the usual new main story quests, side missions and dungeons/raids updates it will also include more inventory spaces, an easier way to wear special costumes and outfits and even new ways for Bards to play music in the game for fun.

Currently the way the inventory system works for XIV is the usual standard fare that you come to expect from MMORPG’s with limited spaces of around 100 slots to store items. With Rise Of A New Sun however, inventory space is increased by 10 fold. For example if you had a stack of 99 potions, you can then buy and stock up way more now! Up to 999 max! On top of this, we can also store our items, up to 70 on our chocobo’s in saddlebags. A traveling trunk if you will. This should help long time players manage their inventory and not have to ditch valuable crafting items for the sake of godly loot now… Trust me, I’ve done that plenty of times.

When it comes to outfits, there is a convoluted system to customizing your character and making them stand out from others. Right now you have to forge, or buy for a high price, Glamour Prisms to use in applying cosmetic changes on your characters. With the old way, you had to have a Prisms for each armor you wanted to cosmetically change, which can cost a lot of resources and gill. In Rise Of A New Sun though, players can convert unwanted items into free Glamour Prisms which in turn just one of them can be used to convert an entire cosmetic change on your character, now known as Glamour Commodes. This new way is a godsend for me, since I constantly have different looks that I love to flip through as I’m playing to show a character’s journey.

Lastly the Bard class will be able to make live music in game at any time! Originally introduced as Performance Actions in last month’s update — players can choose basic chords and bind them to the hockey to create melodies. With the new incoming revamped system. it’ll feature a new interface for composing songs using a piano style layout and also having four new instrument sounds too!

Other notable additions to the update will be more housing, pvp tweaks and a recorder that allows players to record their dungeon runs and play it back for them. Think studying the tape to see what went wrong and where everything is all while still using the game’s engine. More detailed patch notes can be found at the Lodestone here. However this was just the first batch of announcements with a second half set to be given soon.

So stay tuned my fellow warriors of light!