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So black*ish is finally back after a couple weeks with episode 13, yaaaaay! This week Bow is getting used to and enjoying a bit of free time. Dre is always trying to enjoy it, even though it is for very different reasons. See he is thinking that he is going to be able to enjoy his mornings because the things that he used to do in the mornings will now be the joy of his lovely stay at home wife. Well, needless to say things don’t go quite as planned for Dre. Bow has decided to take some time for herself and do the things that she was normally unable to do when she was balancing being a mother and a doctor. She starts going to yoga, getting her hair and nails done, and just enjoying having time to herself. As every mother knows that from conception until forever, you have like zero free time. I can relate, because I can’t even go to the bathroom alone. If its not the kids, its the dog.

As usual, being a typical man, he confides in his coworkers, who of course give him the wrong advice. So, now Dre is being super petty and inconsiderate since things aren’t going his way. Surprising? I think not. He starts doing things like waking her up purposely because she is now sleeping in (Bow normally wakes up at 4:30am and is considerate of Dre), when he gets ready for work. Telling Bow, that even though the money they make is their’s, that she needs to consult him on her purchases, and watching her from work via the “nanny cam”. Oh, and Bow hired a nanny, Erica, whom Dre refers to as “black nanny 2”. He is just being a typical man and pouting like a big ole baby, lol.

One of the things that Bow delegates is the carpooling and she gives that job to Junior. While doing this, Junior and Diane find common ground in annoyingly weird Mason. The little kid who continuously asks Junior unusual questions, and it creeps him out. While making fun of Mason, Diane and Junior bond but Mason overhears and gets his feelings hurt. Junior feels bad because the same thing happened to him in carpooling. He apologizes and tells Diane that their short bond has come to an end and now they are on the opposite sides of the fence. I believe he should fear for his life. Diane ain’t no joke.

In the end, Dre see’s the error of his ways after he realizes he turned into his boss. He realizes he is being unreasonable and that Bow hasn’t had a proper break in 18 years. Bow also concedes that maybe she did get a little carried away but she will soon find a balance that works for them both. He also admits to being a bit overboard for expecting things to be his way and not hers and that he was looking at the benefits for him and the kids and not taking her feelings into consideration. Its all about compromise. Refreshing to see a man admit his wrong, hahahaha!