Fans of the popular manga and anime series “Fullmetal Alchemist” have been dying to see a live-action adaptation of Ed and Alphonse Elric’s story. And, finally, that day came. The live-action film was first shown at a film festival in Japan back in Oct. 2017 and was then released in public Japanese theaters on Dec. 1. Fortunately for American fans, a screening of the film was held at New York Comic Con on Nov. 19, 2017.

While it seems a few fans were left wanting more from the film, a majority of those lucky enough to see the screening appeared satisfied with it overall. Major concerns about the film were the quality of special effects and ability of the actors to capture their characters enough to be believable. And these are valid concerns because we have all experienced the let down of live action flops. But it seems that these fears were calmed quickly. Fans have expressed how much they adored both the film and the cast, which is promising for the rest of us. And since we can’t get our FMA fix just yet, the film studio decided to throw us a bone.

Exactly two weeks after the film’s release in Japan, Warner Bros. Japan has released two videos displaying the CGI magic that went into the filming process. In the videos, we can see the before/after transformations of the actors and their environments, which is both fascinating and exciting! So, while not all of us were lucky enough to catch an early screening at NYCC, we can all appreciate the CGI effects fans have been raving about. And now we’re even more excited to watch the Fullmetal Alchemist live-action adaptation in 2018!