My Hero Academia Season 2- Episode 20

Welcome one and welcome all to episode 20 of the second season of My Hero Academia. Last episode we got to check in with some of the students at U.A. But in this episode, all their internships are over and we are getting back to class!

We start with Midoriya on his way out of Gran Torino’s place. Izuku thanks him for training him and pushing him. Gran Torino decided to take this opportunity to scold him for pushing his quirk too much and for getting into the entire Hero Killer Stain mess. And if he wants to be a great hero like All Might, that he has a lot to learn. Midoriya Understands but had one question for Gran Torino. It was why he has never heard of him before and there isn’t any information about him anywhere. He tells Midoriya that he was never really a hero. He just had a goal in his past that he wouldn’t be able to stride for without his quirk so he got his licence to use it freely. Gran Torino then says if he wants to know more than he should ask All Might. Izuku took the answer and went on his way. Gran Torino thinks to himself how much Midoriya reminds him of All Might. He then asks Izuku who he is. Midoriya gives him a strange look and starts to say his own name but stops suddenly. He looks into Gran Torino’s eyes and says his hero name; Deku. He then goes on his way…

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

We’re back in class and everyone is telling each other about their internships. Kirashima and Sero and razzing on Bakugo for his new hair style his mentor gave him. Jiro and Tsuyu talk about how they got to face real criminals in their internships. Everyone gets a look at Uraraka and she looks like she has summoned a battling spirit inside of her. But out of the whole class, Iida, Todoroki, and Midoriya had the most eventful time. The class expresses how worried they were for them and how glad they made it out alive. They also say they were lucky that Endeavor came to save them. Which was not the truth but it was what the masses have been told. So the three went along with it. Kaminari then says how tenacious and dedicated Stain was to his goal and how it’s kind of cool. The class then scolds him for saying stuff like that right in front of his victims. Iida speaks up and says he could understand why someone would think Stain is really cool and how strongly he believes in what he fights for. But then tells the class to take their seats: classic class president move.

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

We cut to outside the school in an obstacle course with All Might and the class. They are all going to be doing a basic hero training course. The goal is to be the first to find and rescue All Might who is somewhere in the course. The class is split up so that there are 5 people in each race. Our first race consists of Midoriya, Iida, Sero, Mina, and Ojiro. Everyone else in the class is looking at this race and are all thinking the same thing: Midoriya does not have a chance. The other four are some of the most mobile in the class. But the class has not yet seen Midoriya’s full cowling. How he can have his quirk flow throughout his body instead of just one jump or punch.

The race starts and Sero takes a slight lead. But after Midoriya takes some huge strides through the pipe jungle. Everyone is in shock how fast he’s weaving through the course. Uraraka even says that he’s moving like Bakugo. Bakugo watches closely and internally doubts himself for wasting his time at his internship while Izuku is becoming better and better. Midoriya keeps going and keeps going but starts to focus too much on staying at his 5% that he slips on a pipe! All Might screams “Finish” and it is revealed that Sero ended up coming in first. All Might cheers up the rest of the racers by telling them compared to the beginning of the year, they seem a lot more comfortable with their quirks and reminds them to keep training for their final exam. All Might then approaches an aching Izuku and tells him that he looked great and to meet him after class. He says it is time to talk about him and One for All.

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

Midoriya finds All Might in his office. He can immediately tell he has a very stern look on his face. All Might says he heard that the Hero Killer got a taste of Midoriya’s blood. Midoriya confirms that Stain did taste it. So All Might reminds him that no matter how you took in his DNA, you could adopt One For All. Then Izuku freaks out thinking Stain now has One for All. All Might tells him that he thought he might be worried about that but no. One for All can only be transferred if the bearer wishes it. But All Might starts to tell Midoriya about One for All. It was a quirk derived from another called All for One. It was a quirk that could steal other quirks and make it your own or the holder can disperse them however they like.

All Might tells Midoriya about a man who was a leader of a quirkless movement against people with quirks back when these powers were starting to become the norm. This man and his army would either persuade or force people with powers to give the man their quirks. This man however possessed All for One. But this man couldn’t hold all these powers inside him or it would eventually make him brain-dead like some of the Nomus. So the man took his younger, quirkless brother and made him into a storage for quirks. But little did the man know that his brother had a quirk that could stockpile the power in quirks and hand it down to whomever he wishes. Which eventually became One for All.

My Hero Academia- Funimation
My Hero Academia- Funimation

Midoriya understands it’s origin, but asks why All Might is bringing up a man from a long time ago. He tells Midoriya that since he can have any quirk ever, the man probably could have stolen a quirk to make him stop aging. So the younger brother knew he could not defeat his evil older brother now; but maybe in the future he will be. So he would hand down his quirk and let it cultivate. Eventually it was All Might’s turn and he actually defeated the man. But the man apparently survived and is now the brains behind the League of Villains. So All Might warns Midoriya that One for All was made to defeat All for One, and that one day he may have to defeat this man. All Might thought Izuku would be very shocked and tried to reason how harsh it is to bring this kind of responsibility to him, but before he can finish, Midoriya tells All Might he can do it.

Midoriya tells All Might as long as he is on his side, he will be able to do anything. All Might then tries to urge himself to tell Midoriya something, but he just can’t get it out of him. He starts to say something but then dismisses Midoriya and so he leaves. But All Might is still holding back. He tells himself that when that day comes, he might not be able to be by his side…

Wow, this episode had me at a loss for words. Even more impending doom coming down on Midoriya. The weight on his shoulders is massive. But Midoriya tells himself life must go on like usual.

See you all next time!


Author: Garrett Lee

Twitter: @Leesanity61

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