Official Japanese movie poster for Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO

Anyone who knows Anime in the west knows about Crunchyroll. It is a platform where nearly all Japanese Manga, Dramas, and Anime are subbed and dubbed for English and other Latin-based languages. For over 15 years, Crunchyroll has reliably brought this Japanese content to the western world and has helped contribute to creating a multi-billion-dollar industry out of Manga and Anime. It has been such a big contributor to the industry Crunchyroll was acquired by FUNimation, a Sony-owned Studio, for nearly 1.2 billion dollars in August of 2021. This acquisition has set the course for Crunchyroll to bring event more Anime and Manga content to the US, being direct competitors with large companies like Netflix, Hulu, Prime video, and more.

Most recently, Crunchyroll is attending the San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC) in style, having a booth as well as multiple panels (or concerts) spanning all four days of the event. The first panel was on Thursday, July 21st, called the ’Crunchyroll Industry’ panel. Unlike the last two years during the pandemic, this panel was not streamed to outside audiences, nor was it posted about by the official Crunchyroll and SDCC social media accounts. However, fans who could not attend the Crunchyroll Industry panel need to fear. It is very likely very few new things were announced, YET. Just two weeks after SDCC ends, Crunchyroll will have its own Exposition from August 5th to 7th. This is likely where all big Crunchyroll announcements will be announced. Crunchyroll used this opportunity at the SDCC to tease and show trailers for things we already know are coming.

The biggest thing that was teased is the long-awaited and soon-to-come Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO movie starring all of the favorite characters like Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and more. This movie will hit box offices in August, and SDCC goers were given an exclusive sneak peek of this movie. The Dragon Ball Super released is expected to be so popular that there are multiple events about it at SDCC. After the Industry panel, SDCC fans can also enjoy the Dragon Ball Z concert experience on July 23rd.

While these Dragon Ball teases are the main attraction, more was announced at the Crunchyroll Industry panel. A part of this panel were Crunchyroll producers Tim Lyu and Lauren Moore who led way in showing what fans could look forward to. Multiple long await anime series are getting new seasons, including a fourth season of OVERLORD this fall 2022. Another series that will get released soon is an adaption from the manga Solo Leveling, planned to be released sometime in 2023. All of these new series and more will be expanded on at the Crunchyroll Expo in early August 2022 but were teased at the SDCC Crunchyroll Industry panel.

As mentioned above, the Industry panel is not the only thing anime fans had to look forward to at SDCC 2022. Along with all of the Dragon Ball hype, Crunchyroll fans at SDCC can also look forward to another Crunchyroll concert on July 22nd, 2022, the Crunchyroll-Hime Dance Party with DJ Jun Inagawa with Atarashii Gakko.  These Japanese famous music artists are bring J-pop to the SDCC. Atarashii Gakko translates to ‘New School’ featuring four female artists performing in 70s and 80s Japanese style school uniforms with modern Hip-hop dance moves accompanied by heavy metal music. Something that is very uncommon in western culture. Learn more about this group and all the other things Crunchyroll is showing off at SDCC here.

Also, follow the Crunchyroll socials to get updates about what is going on at SDCC and the upcoming Crunchyroll expo that will be in San Jose in August 2022. Here is the Crunchyroll Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.