Your favorite Norsepeople are back!  The season came back strong and with much satisfaction.  The season opened with Sigurd’s funeral and the brothers looking solemn.  Ivar looked upset, although he is the one who killed him.  People have obviously figured out that Ivar killed Sigurd and this results in the brothers having a power-play.  Revenge runs deep in the family so Ivar is visibly worried.

After the funeral it is decided that the army will move to take York.  Which is not an easy feat but York is safer to be in as it is further from enemies.  Due to the convenient location it is decided that their next move is York and using their father’s method for attacking they attack on a holiday when everyone is in church.  This makes the Vikings have a big presence in their plans to take England.

The Saxons, once finding out that York was taken are now planning to strike back.  Due to the Vikings lack of knowledge of the area they are left blindsided when Heahmund finds a wall that is not being guarded by the Vikings.

While all of this is happening in England, Bjorn to the Mediterranean.  While on his way he meets Herald, although he knows nothing of Heralds plans to attack Kattegat, and he sends Herald back to Kattegat to let Lagertha know the outcomes in England.

Lagertha is less than pleased to see Herald return to Kattegat and en-prisons him.  Herald ends up escaping and kidnaps Astrid.  He threatens Lagertha that Astrid will take her place once he takes over.  Astrid obviously does not agree but things can shift later in the season.  Floki,finally, is back at Kattegat and is lost without Helga.  He builds himself a boat and sails wherever the gods take him.  His boat lands on foreign land which he identifies as Asgard but is actually Iceland.