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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind Episode 4

Everything said about Black Sabbath (though the translation for copyright reasons lists it as Shadow Sabbath) from the previous episode is null and void.

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The black, white and gold version was used through almost the entire fight. There was even another amazing black and green recolor.

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Beyond that, Episode 4 is the best episode yet. It truly got into what JoJo is known for with the incredibly creative Stand battles. Here Giorno has to team up with Koichi, combining Giorno’s ability to change inanimate objects into living ones and Koichi’s ability to make material incredibly heavy, in order to defeat Black Sabbath that moves around and through shadows. The episode also provided good character defining moments for Giorno, further emphasizing both his emphatic nature and distaste for killing innocents as well as his darker nature where he is truly willing to kill anyone who stands in the way of his goals as he forces the gangster Polpo to kill himself. The episode on a whole also provided a great transition into Giorno as the next JoJo, linking him and his goals to all the previous JoJos.

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The music in this episode was also on point. The jazz flourishes when Giorno was finishing off Black Sabbath were particularly noteworthy. The only complaint that can really be mustered is one or two pieces of animation throughout the episode in unimportant parts. On a final note, the cliff hanger with Bruno’s is perfect and it brings me a sense of childish glee that Mista first appeared in Episode 4.

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