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Welcome back, to the Korean Drama Good Doctor. Picking up right where we left off, Cha Yoon-Seo wakes up screaming as Shi-On is just standing there, brushing his teeth. She rages on, throwing objects, and denying she is in the wrong house until she pauses and actually looks around. It seems she just moved upstairs to apartment 201, from 101, which is now Shi-On’s apartment. Guess the keys were never exchanged.

We get to see Shi-On on his first day.  Kim Do-Han seems very standoffish, but in the previous episode, we did see him laying flowers at a memorial, for a young man. He could just be distracted by the passing of the person. We also get to see a lot of normal dynamics of hospitals as each group tries to stick to their own specialty, but sometimes, they cross the line. Ko Choong-Man, the guy who is head of the Pediatric Surgery department, and trying to get Choi Woo-Seok fired, has a patient complaining of stomach pains, but ignores him. He later says he has a seminar the next day, to not disturb him.

Kim Do-Han and Yoo Chae-Kyung go on a date, and we see how… cold Yoo can be. She flatly admits she wishes Kim would cheat on her, to at least draw his mind away from his work. I do work with my husband, but not in such a stressful atmosphere. I feel bad, because they both seem to want to be in love with each other, but still have private things going on. Yoo has had a private meeting with Deputy Director Kang Hyun-Tae, who seems to have his own agenda. He seems to support the 3 guys trying to get Choi fired, but doesn’t seem to really want to get him fired. And then everything happens at once and I am left like Jo Jung-mi, senior nurse.

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The child who Ko shrugged off is worse, and Shi-On starts demanding they need to perform surgery to save the young boy. The problem is Kim and the team are supposed to do another surgery, a little girl who some of the team are not sure she needs the surgery quite yet. Kim does not relent, and they go scrub up.

Before they start the surgery, one of the attendants notices Shi-On is missing. They do not look for him, knowing the surgery is important. Like the first patient Claire had, the girl’s illness is a lot further along than anyone expected, and if they had waited until she was mentally ready, the chances of her getting worse or dying increased. Cha apologizes, and the surgery continues.

Bet you can’t guess where Shi-On is. Yep, back with the little boy. We see Jung-mi debating on helping Shi-On, before giving in and helping him wheel the boy to the OR, despite orders. The nurses are trying to contact Ko Choong-Man, but he is ignoring the calls. Turns out he is playing golf, not at a seminar. The person he is playing with seems to be a pharmaceutical company, and ask how the product testing is going. Ko states there was no testing, went straight to common use.  Everyone seems pleased with themselves.

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In the OR, Shi-On freezes, unsure how to proceed with the surgery for the little boy. Suddenly, the doors open, revealing Kim. With the help of the staff, he bounces between the two surgeries, and is able to save both children. It turns out Ko was using a drug that caused ruptures in the organs of young children. The same one the people he was playing golf with produced. He arrives just in time to see Kim lay out Shi-On, who for some reason starting laughing. Everyone is confused, and Yoon leads Shi-On away. Suddenly, a golf ball falls from Ko’s pocket, revealing where he had been. Throughout the surgery,  Choi Woo-Seok and Kang Hyun-Tae observe and comment, and it is clear both men are impressed with Kim’s skills.

The episode progresses where we see Kang out to dinner with Ko and Lee Hyeok-Pil. It is revealed Ko is Lee’s brother in law. They are worried an ethic committee will be called on Ko’s actions. Later, we see Kang talking with Choi, and in the end, get him to drop the case by pointing out it would put bad light on the whole pediatric department, and people might call Choi out on ethics violation by hiring Shi-On. When he hears the meeting is cancelled, Do-Han goes to meet with Choi, and finds out how far he will go to protect Shi-On. He also learns because of his Autism, Shi-On usually expresses the opposite of what he feels when stressed. That was why he was smiling when he got hit.

The end of the episode shows Shi-On in the Newborn ICU, where he sees Kim Jae-Joon, head of the Hepatobiliary-Pancreatic Surgery department, telling the parents of a premature baby he cannot do the surgery. A few seconds later, we see Jae-Joon is grabbing Do-Han. Earlier, it is revealed Do-Han worked under him, and transferred against advice. I won’t lie, I wanted to smack Jae-Joon because he talked about respect but was rude to Do-Han in front of his peers.


Overall, I will say there is so much more to this episode than what I’ve talked about, but I felt it was the most important parts. They introduce many of the children who stay multiple days, and we also see how Shi-On thinks. Everyone is still very confused about who Shi-On is, and we see how protective Shi-On is of the plastic scalpel as Yoon accidentally threw it away, and he went dumpster diving. The two seem to be getting closer, and I am curious as to what the series will have in store for all the characters, and if everything will work out.

Well, lovelies, I am leaving you for now. The Good Doctor on ABC will return January 8th 2018, but I hope this series will help you through these could few days. Have a great New Year, and stay shiny!