Being a fan of both David Ayer and Max Landis, I was excited to hear about a movie by the two of them. The premise was very interesting and unique with two big leads, Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. Unfortunately, the film doesn’t live up to my expectations but its far from falling flat altogether.

Bright is about two cops: one human and one Orc patroling the harsh streets of L.A. The film mixes the buddy cop genre with fantasy -fairy elements sprinkled across. We do get quite a bit of the fantasy element here with the backstory of a modern day world where humans, elves, and orcs are live alongside one another. As well as some social commentary about racism, classism, and law enforcement in Bright. However, most of that is in the first half of the film and quickly abandoned in the second half.  The first half was very refreshing and well done. It was a mash-up of End of Watch and Alien Nation. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Smith and Edgerton on screen. With pounds and pounds of makeup, Edgerton shines in this film. I thought Smith performance was just fine but expected a bit more out of him. The visuals done here were great. I really enjoyed the look of this films and how Ayer how able to ground the look of magic to fit into the gritty L.A streets.

Unfortunately, all that couldn’t save this film’s weak second half. Once the action picks up and we are introduced to the film’s plot device, Bright begins to lose steam. The films turn into another generic shoot em up with the exception of a few moments. The ending also seems rush and leaves us with a film that has a strong build up but a weak climax.  While the final act of the film takes up the violence up to 11 it doesn’t give satisfying ending it would have had. Now the film unique concept and style alone is worth giving it a single viewing. And while I didn’t love the film I’m still curious about the direction they take this world in the squeal.