Okay, there are countless big and small moments between Jamie and Claire in season three, even if they do spend half of it apart. Narrowing it down to five is not easy, but I managed! So check out below for my five favorite moments between the Outlaw and his Sassenach:

5.) When Jamie Comforted Claire, Who Was Missing Brianna in The Doldrums.

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Jamie may not have ever met his daughter, but he can understanding missing your child.

4.) Jamie and Claire Talking Dirty in The Eye of the Storm

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Next, I shall lie upon my back and have you stretched out at length upon me. So as I can take hold of your buttocks and fondle them properly. 

They may have had a tough go ahead of them, what with the whole “storm and shipwreck” business, but leave it to our favorite married couple to use their break between freeing Ian and losing him again to spend some… ahem… quality time together.

3.) They Joke About Young Lovers, But Can’t Keep Their Eyes Off Each Other in The Bakra

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“Do you remember when we were like that? So obvious in public . . .”

“Aye. Couldna keep your hands off me. ‘Course, you were holding on from the back of the horse, for most of the time, so it couldn’t be helped.”

 This one gets two gifs, because the love and attraction is palpable and if I’ve been talking to them it’d be getting mighty awkward, mighty fast. They clearly have eyes only for each other and, after so long apart (both on the show and for us viewers), I’m happy to sit back and enjoy the chemistry.

2.) They Give Fergus a Name in Uncharted


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Surely, you have a surname, do you not? I cannot marry you properly without one. 

While their reunion on the beach is another beautiful moment for the two, I can’t get over how lovely this little moment was. We know they both have children they’ve lost, both together and separately, but Fergus is possibly the most tangible connection they have to each other in the past. The love between all of them when he officially becomes a member of their family is quiet and sweet and I loved it so much.

1.) Their Reunion After 20 Years Apart in A. Malcolm

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have burned for you for so long, do you not know that?

I know this can’t be a surprise, by the time the episode aired, we were dying for them to be reunited as much as they were. From Jamie fainting to Claire showing him pictures of Brianna, the reunion was everything a viewer and/or reader could hope for.

Honorable Mention to their epic fight when Claire reunites with Laoghaire in First Wife.

Bonus Season Four Teaser!


What were your favorite moments from Season Three? Are they like mine, or do you think I got it all wrong? Let me know!