It’s finally here! The long anticipated television adaptation of one of master storyteller Neil Gaiman’s most popular novels “American Gods” premieres Sunday, April 30th, on Starz.

Courtesy of Starz

We have mixed feelings about shows being on premium networks like Starz, because not everyone has access to them, but there is an increased level of creative freedom and budget power/studio backing. So if you are dying to see it here’s where you can:

  1. Starz
  2. The Starz website or app
  3. Amazon Prime Store*
  4. Sling*

*Author and executive producer is encouraging people to order it through prime, but we highly recommend Sling as the new hot streaming service that has the most to offer if you don’t have cable.

If you’ve read the book you’ve probably been foaming at the mouth for this release for a few years, but in case you haven’t here is the abridged tl;dr:

“A present day Game of Thrones with more magic”-me, just now.

American Gods Preview – Courtesy of Starz

But the plot is more or less: ‘gods’ exist because people believe in them, and old gods were brought to America by immigrants, but have been slowly fading and transforming over the years as people change and beliefs have lost weight, and new gods that personify new age vices have risen as well.   The show is a fantasy-mystery that will follow a war between the old gods (or incarnations of) and the new, American gods.

American Gods Preview – Courtesy of Starz

Anyone who has seen the trailer (this link here) will agree the cinematography looks amazing, and the visuals are stunning, and everyone should find a way to watch this new, beautiful, gritty, fantasy.

American Gods Preview – Courtesy of Starz