With every major holiday, Final Fantasy XIV gains a new limited time seasonal event. This holiday season is no different with a Christmas themed event, the Starlight Celebration, where your hero is on the case to figure out the grinch who stole all the gifts.

The seasonal event starts at Old Gridania in the Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre and on behalf of Amh Garanjy you’re tasked with heading off to Bentbranch Meadows to the south of the city to meet up with her assistants and their starlight bears — yes, bears dressed in Santa outfits — who will help you out throughout the quest.

Final Fantasy XIV The Starlight Festival 2

Photo Source: Square Enix/Mark Francis

The quest is only available for level 15 players but isn’t at all of a challenge compared to the actual game. For the actual quest reward, you’ll get to use one of the bears as a mount to travel around on afterwards. Other rewards you can gather is decorations for your in-game house that’s either yourself or your guild(s).

The only drawback to the event is that there’s not much to do. The “combat” of the event is actually staying on the bear and tossing presents at enemies. In terms of the quest story itself, it’s charming but at the same time you kinda wished there was more to it besides just looking for presents compared to how the previous event was with the Final Fantasy XI crossover. But it is what it is.

A fun addition to this seasonal event though is that the main cities of the game all have Christmas themed decorations from snow and snowmen lining the streets to banners hanging off of lanterns. You can even throw snowballs at each other in the towns like you can in, Heavensward’s Foundation!

Final Fantasy XIV The Starlight Event 3

Photo Source: Square Enix/Mark Francis

If you’re an active subscriber to Final Fantasy XIV then there is no excuse to not give this event a go, it’s totally free; and it has a nice reward item to collect and show off to friends who may miss out cause of reasons. However, it’s not something I would resubscribe alone for. If you’re planning to resubscribe to XIV do it for other worthwhile and longer lasting reasons.

The Starlight Celebration started Friday, December 15 at 12:00 am and will last until Sunday, December 31, 2017 at 6:59 am pacific time. More info can be found at the Final Fantasy XIV’s lodestone website.

Happy Starlight y’all!