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Supernatural 11×06 “Our Little World”

It seems like each week with
Supernatural is either a hit or a miss this season. There have been some
brilliant episodes; I loved last week’s Lizzie Borden arc because it felt like
we went back to the very first season. This week’s episode wasn’t quite as a
good. I think it’s because it feels like there are bits in it that doesn’t
really need to be there. I love the idea of Amara being the Darkness but when
we get to see her “grow up” along with Crowley’s ‘attempts’ at babysitting and
raising it makes her seem a lot less epic than I first assumed.

Not to mention Crowley too. What
happened to the badass demon we first saw in “Abandon All Hope” (which still remains one of the most heart breaking
episodes of the show)? The one who had all demons running with tails between
their legs because they were so terrified of him? There’s no trace of that Crowley
anymore and I can’t help but to feel like he’s become more of a comedic
sidekick. Don’t get me wrong, I love Crowley but I think he’s lost his touch as
a character.

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In this episode, Crowley tries to ground Amara for eating the soul of a
teenager who hates her parents and by doing so she ages once again. Meanwhile,
Sam and Dean kill an assassin who was after Goldie and they manage to track
Crowley and Amara to their location with the hope to kill Amara. This, of
course, is easier said than done. In the middle of the fight, Sam has a vision
where Crowley tries to kill Dean but Amara stops him because according to her
there’s a link between them and she needs a bit more time until she’s strong enough
to make things even. I have to say, I’m kinda glad Sam’s visions are back, it
brings another first season vibe to this season which I like and I hope they
keep it up.

Whilst poor Castiel is still
unwell and in the bunker he accidentally catches a glimpse of Metatron on the
news and is able to find him. Metatron tells him that he’s lost his powers and
is stuck as a mortal and his way of passing time is to film accidents for
broadcasting stations to earn money. Eventually Castiel realises Metatron is
harmless and lets him go. But before Metatron leaves, he tells Castiel
something that shocks everyone: in order to create the world, God had to
sacrifice his own sister; the Darkness.


I guess this answers one question
we’ve all been wanting to know: If the Darkness is able to take the physical
body of a person doesn’t that mean that God should be able to do the same
thing? And if God is still missing does this mean he could still be in the
shape of a person? Maybe even someone like Chuck? Because we all know Chuck is
still here somewhere, we all saw him at the end of the 200th
episode. Where’s he been all this time? I’m willing to bet money on the fact
that he is God and I hope it gets revealed eventually.

At the end of the episode, Sam
and Dean are surprised when they realise Cas let Metatron go because of how
eager he was to find him in the first place. Whilst Cas and Dean talk, the last
thing that happens is that Sam has another vision, one that terrifies him. He
sees the Cage in hell where they trapped Lucifer and a hand grasping the bars,
wanting to get out.

Does this vision mean Lucifer is
getting out of the Cage? And if so does it mean Adam will get out too? There
may be some hope for this season yet even though it’s been a bit up and down.
Tune in next week for more uncanny adventures of Moose and Squirrel!

Source: CW // Supernatural



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