Welcome back fans, to another exciting rendition of “Charlie spouts all of her feelings over a fictional show and the characters within!” Otherwise known as Supergirl! After the painful, painful painful events of last week, Kara decides that she and Alex need a little R&R, and so they borrow J’onn’s Ship/Car and take a road trip back to Midvale, where both Kara and Eliza hope Alex will be able to come to terms with her and Maggie’s not-so-mutual split. Alex immediately goes up to her room to mope, while Eliza and Kara have a talk about suffering in silence. At first, Kara offers supportive words toward Alex, but Eliza soon makes it clear that it’s Kara who isn’t accepting things. Kara retorts that she’s having to give up certain parts of her faux humanity, and unfortunately, her adoptive mother can’t argue that. I think it’s something Kara herself has to accept, and eventually (hopefully) she’ll see that combining her Kryptonian ways with the humanity she’s learned will help make her stronger.

Mother daughter talk

A Mother-Daughter talk – Supergirl – The CW

Kara joins Alex in their room, though instead of the kind and loving words we usually see between the two sisters, the two get into an argument and go to bed angry. It takes us back roughly 10 years, to when Alex was around 16-17, whereas Kara was 14-15. Before I get too deep into it, I wanna give some serious kudos to the casting choices, because these kiddos look like they could have been Chyler Leigh and Melissa Benoist in their younger years. In any case, we dive in to what things were like when they were teenagers, and as we all know, Alex was not accepting of having to make room in her life for her adopted alien sister, meanwhile Kara treated her with the same bratty attitude that Alex showed. They fought over the same things every sibling fights over…who’s smarter, who gets to use the bathroom first, and who’s more important to their parent. Unfortunately for Alex, Eliza puts a lot of pressure on her to take care of Kara while also trying to…well, grow up. Their differences show at school as well – while Alex is smart and popular, Kara seems to only have one friend, a kind and intelligent boy named Kenny Li.

Kenny Li

Kenny Li – Supergirl – The CW

That night, Kenny and Kara go stargazing, where he shows her his latest invention – he’d managed to connect his incredibly powerful telescope to his laptop, so whatever it sees, it takes a photo of it and uploads it for him to view later. But when Kenny ends up dead the next day, Kara does everything she can to figure out who did it. She even goes so far as to threaten the school’s star quarterback, which leads basically nowhere. Things get a little more intense when Kara visits Kenny’s parents to offer her condolences, but it seems all they can talk about is Kenny’s missing telescope and how it was his favorite thing. Kara promises to find it for them, and decides later that night to visit the spot where Kenny was killed…where she had met with him that night. She finds Alex there, who confided that Kenny had tutored her in Calculus and that was the spot they used to go. The duo start to talk about the telescope, and when Kara describes it’s capabilities, they come to the conclusion that maybe he saw something he shouldn’t have. Kara X-ray-vision’s the forest in the hopes of finding the equipment, and successfully finds his laptop buried under the leaves.

Baby Alex

Mini Alex and Mini Kara Investigating The Laptop – Supergirl – The CW

It’s honestly like an episode of Veronica Mars, because when the two get it home, they find that most of the files are encrypted. They only find one photo worth looking into, and it’s of their history teacher Mr. Bernard….romantically involved with one of the students, Alex’s friend Josie. Alex confronts her, and she immediately tells Mr. Bernard that Alex knows. Later that evening, when she and Kara are walking home, they get run off of the road by a mystery car – one they initially think to be driven by Mr. Bernard himself, until Alex finds that Josie was with him the entire day after classes ended. J’onn makes a surprise appearance during the episode, where he poses as an FBI agent that looks remarkably like her mother. She gives in to the rule of “No powers,” and agrees to be more human, but little baby Alex decides she’s not giving in that easily. She goes to hunt down Sheriff Collins at their high school football game, where she tells him about the laptop and how she doesn’t think Mr. Bernard is guilty.

Dey almost died

Kara Floats Alex to Safety – Supergirl – The CW

Sheriff Collins directs Alex into a back room to talk a little more privately, while simultaneously, across town, Kara receives an email from Superman’s tech friend, who had de-crypted the photos. While many of them are of the stars, a few depict Sheriff Collins himself taking drugs and money from someone. Alex calls out for Kara’s help when Collins holds her at gun point, and the youngest Danvers sister bursts through the wall, not only knocking the Sheriff unconscious, but saving the day as well! As things come to a close in this murder-mystery, Kenny’s mother gifts his telescope to them, which had been found in the back of the Sheriff’s car. Their relationship seems to have improved throughout these terrifying events, and although Alex seems to have been exiled from the popular kids at school, she finds a friend and a sister in Kara, who tells Alex she’d rather be human than ever put her in danger again.

Baby Kara

Kara and Alex coming together as sisters – Supergirl – The CW

Fast forward back to present day, where an adult Kara and Alex wake up and reminisce over Kenny’s telescope. They both apologize for how they’ve been acting and treating each other, and Alex admits that it was a good idea to come back to Midvale. As things begin to clear up for Alex and Kara, the two decide to drive back home in a very dorky style – while jamming out to classic 90’s and early 00’s tunes. All-in-all it was a very, very cute episode that gave us a fascinating insight into Kara and Alex’s childhood. I really enjoyed this episode, and hope they give us more background on all of the fan favorites. Tune in every Monday to The CW to see new episodes of Supergirl!