“The Gifted” seems to be at a standstill with another average episode.  We are given several plots but none of them feel exciting. We get a nice reveal from a character but it didn’t really resonate with me as a viewer.

The Strucker family subplot seemed random and lacked weight behind it. I didn’t think it was necessary to get rid of Wes. I didn’t mind his character but I guess this is one way to lessen the mutant underground count. I also found it a bit odd that Reed was the one casting judgment. But that may have been what the writers were trying to portray overall. It seems that the theme of this episode was trust and honesty.

Marco (unsurprisingly) went back to the cartel for one more job. This subplot wasn’t bad but I found myself having a hard time believing that Polaris was able to handle the cartel. I know she is a powerful mutant but felt that Marco and the cartel could have been its own episode, separated from Polaris’s discovery of his side business.

The highlight was Doctor Campbell and Turner. I really enjoy seeing Campbell onscreen and his interactions with Turner. We know that Turner knows that he shouldn’t trust him but still decides to work with him. This episode made good use of Campbell by showing how much power he really has and how far he is willing to go for personal gain. I also really enjoyed the reveal of his origin story being Trask and his own “mutant army.” I’m hopeful that we might get to see some real sentinels before the season finale.

The Gifted” airs Mondays at 9PM on Fox.