Ah, thats better!

After the dark and depressive “Trail Of The Flash” episode from last week, the series returns to it’s optimistic roots with “The Elongated Knight Rises”, a Dibby focused episode that brings with it some much needed lightheartedness. There’s also a few special appearances as well spread across the episode, did you catch them?

So with Barry still locked up at Iron Heights, Dibby steps in as “the Stretchy Man” to make sure that Central City is safe in the Flash’s absence. While he does a good job at making sure the city is safe, he is overly cocky which ultimately does cost him when he goes on on one with the newly escaped, younger Trickster. This causes Dibby to visit Barry in his cell and get a prep talk from the locked up speedster.

The Flash 4.11

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The other side story is Barry centric as Barry runs into a friend of his fathers inside the prison named Big Sir (Bill Goldberg — yes, WWE’s very own Goldberg!). Big Sir helps out Barry from getting jumped in weight room and Barry eventually returns the favor to Big Sir. Expect to see Big Sir much more as the season progresses if he follows down the path of his comic book counterpart.

The other special appearance was actually Prank — current Tricksters, Axel’s mother and the former Tricksters, Jesse’s wife — who is played by none other then Corinne Bohrer, who also did the role in the original 90’s Flash TV show on CBS! Here Prank breaks out Axel just to be with him after Axel’s father ditches the family, eventually she goes off her medications and joins up with Axel (as The Trickster) as they take on Team Flash.

One last special appearance is the mystery girl (Jessica Parker Kennedy) from the Crisis on Earth X episodes from way back in November who makes a return in the closing moments of the show helping Cisco and Dibby out of a coffee jam. Who she is, is a grand mystery right now, but my money is that she’s a descendant of the Allen’s from a century in the future give or take. Or she could just be Barry and Iris’ daughter by season’s end… On second thought, maybe she’s Cisco’s kid from the future, could explain her being a super fan of things?…

In the end, I actually seriously enjoyed tonights episode and laughed to almost everything Dibby was up to in the episode, and of course the banter between Team Flash was as strong as ever. My only grip is are the prison guards really that clueless to Barry using his super speed inside the jail? Also there was nothing on the DeVoe front this episode, so we still don’t know what their endgame is yet and normally by this time of the year we find out what the big bad is truly up too. Oh well, here’s to next weeks episode!

The Flash 4.11

Photo Source: comicbook.com