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Brooklyn Nine-Nine “Paranoia”

Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s sporadic airing schedule has been the death of me this season, and we’ve almost reached the finish line, but at least we seem to be going out with a bang.

“Paranoia” was one of the great episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine that unite the ensemble. Even though they were broken into two groups: the ladies (& Boyle) and the men. They were all celebrating the upcoming nuptials of Rosa and Pimento. A romance that has progressed quickly, but makes all the sense in the world!

No surprise here, but I found the ladies’ storyline to be the most interesting of the night. Charles, Amy, and Gina all put on their own bachelorette parties–each designed with Rosa in mind–and it was up to Rosa to decide who’s party was best. Gina’s was paintball with her little cousin, Amy’s was a drinking trivia game, and Boyle’s was demolishing a closed restaurant. If I had to choose, I’d probably pick the trivia drinking game, but I can only imagine how fun it would be to demolish a restaurant. Of course, Rosa picked Boyle’s as the best. But that’s also no surprise. Those two have a very interesting bond…remember when he planned her birthday party? I love the way these ladies’ (& Boyle’s) friendship is written; four people who only have work in common, that have grown to really respect and love each other…that’s the dream right there!

Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

We also witnessed a tender moment from Rosa, when she was talking about how much she loved Adrian. She even said, “My heart is so full.” That’s how I knew something was about to go wrong…

The mens’ party was not as heartwarming an experience. Adrian was convinced that someone was out to kill him, and Terry thought he was just being crazy, but it turns out it’s true.  A man working within the FBI is out to get Adrian. Which means he has to go on the run, which means he can’t be with Rosa. This led to a bittersweet goodbye scene between Adriosa (couple name?!). This also led to the first scene of the episode with Holt, who gathered the gang to inform them of their secret mission to take the bad guy down! Go 99!

Only two episode left, and things are getting REAL. See you next week, friends!


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