Alright, I’m going to be really, really honest, here. And I’m going to get really, really deep. This episode was hard. Any queer kid, woman or not, lesbian or not, watched this episode and felt the same pain in their heart that I felt. It’s moments like this where I remember why I fell in love with this show – why it brought together an entire community. It’s episodes like this where I’m thankful I had a community around me that (mostly) supports me. It’s also why I look at those younger than me, maybe those of you that haven’t come out and you’re watching this show because you identify with it, and I try to convey that you can ALWAYS come to me to talk. If you’re scared, you’re having relationship problems, or you’re worried what your family might think, you DO have people that care about you – people that will listen, ones who will show you things get better. This episode will show you that acceptance is a reachable goal. Now, with that in mind, let’s get into the episode, and what our favorite characters went through!

We’re going to kick this episode off with Kara and J’onn, who buddy up on a trip to Mars in what may possibly be the coolest space-ship ever. When they get there they meet with a faction of White Martians led by M’gann, who tells J’onn that the he’s not the last Green Martian – they show him a video of his father, being held hostage. The goal of the mission is to acquire a staff that can potentially end the war against the White Martians, only known by J’onn’s father, but there’s a hitch when his father refuses to believe it’s him.

The (Not) last green martian

Space Dad Finds Space Grandpa – Supergirl – The CW

Kara doesn’t do a whole lot, she sort of just stands off to the side and stares angrily at the White Martians who want to break into his mind by force. Things come to a peak when the White Martians decide to get the information without consent, so J’onn and Kara force his father to go with them, not to Earth, but to J’onn’s former home on Mars. Things eventually fall to their advantage when Kara convinces J’onn’s father to open his mind just a bit…just enough to give J’onn a chance. The duo relive a touching and heartbreaking memory, one Kara is able to witness, and just moments later the rebel faction arrives. J’onn’s father steps up and tells them the location of the staff, which allows them to get it for themselves and turn the tides of the White War. On a side note, Kara HILARIOUSLY rolls up in J’onn’s spaceship blasting Brittney Spears and asking for directions. It was, in my opinion, a well placed comedic moment in an otherwise darker episode.

She is so precious

This Actual Ball Of Sunshine – Supergirl – The CW

Meanwhile, Maggie and Alex go through…well it’s just…really hard to watch, but it’s also completely real. I HAVE to praise this moment, simply because in most shows with gay couples, you don’t see the struggle they had to go through to GET to this point. Most gay people portrayed on television have grown up, gotten over their problems, and moved on. Or they’re the sassy friend used as a plot device. But in Supergirl? They show you just how difficult being gay can be. How hard it is to find acceptance sometimes. However, they ALSO show you that eventually you WILL find that love.


I Have No Words For How Heavy This Made My Heart – Supergirl – The CW

For those of you who may not remember the episode in full, Maggie comes to a crossroads when she invites her father to her bridal shower at her fiance’s behest. He tries to be kind, though it’s obvious he’s uncomfortable. When Maggie decides to kiss Alex, that’s when he loses it and storms out. At first she confronts him and he renders her speechless when he tells her it’s worse to be a homosexual than it is to be Hispanic, but she meets him at his bus stop to tell him that she doesn’t need him in her life to be happy – she has a long line of people who love and support her – Supergirl included. (Though he doesn’t know that.) I was so damn proud of Floriana Lima, because she didn’t undersell this serious moment. The cast and crew didn’t include any comedy in this, because there’s nothing funny about the struggle Maggie faced. I won’t lie to you, I cried. Several times.

The parallel of fathers to their children in this episode was brilliant, and it was amazing to see the different ways in which we can support each other when it comes to our family struggles. This was a very deep episode, and was a breath of fresh air from the otherwise sunshine-filled Supergirl we know and love. Regardless, stay tuned for more Supergirl and more love every Monday on The CW!