Last week, Max and Leroy’s character development touched my heart. But, this has happened before – Max met his wife, and then the next episode was wack. So with so much development, I was nervous for the new episode. Thank god the writers seem to have settled on the concepts of each character. The chemistry between Leroy and Max is still developing, which it should, and Barry’s character is very similar to the one the week before. It gives me hope for the series.

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The episode starts pretty rapidly, a chase scene with Max dressed like a bishop and Leroy dressed like a priest. I expected a rushed episode again, but it was actually very well paced, introducing an AI program named Sam, as well as minor tension between Leroy and Max as Leroy keeps pushing Max away. It seems he is trying to become friends with another Agent named Terry. Barry has his reservations about Sam, but the AI program seems to have won everyone else ever. He mentions how Leroy needs to talk with Max, and the Professor overhears Terry and Leroy mentioning the night before. Max doesn’t seem to care, even though both say he does, and we seem him enter the elevator alone.

Sam shows his hand, demanding the codes to the satellite system. Of course, Max destroys the copy of the codes, and tries to destroy Sam. On the other side, Sam is creating documents and creating doubt about the stability of Max’s mind. Him attacking a computer monitor with an ax did not help the doubt. Luckily, while he is under surveillance in the cells, Sam provides a video of Max giving away the codes, and Leroy realizes Sam is setting up Max based on the video. His mannerisms don’t line up. So, he goes, and ends up freeing Max while Annie is working on making new security codes for the satellites.

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Throughout the episode, LeFrey is on vacation, but an emergency call from Max draws her back just in time to help Max and Leroy figure out a way to destroy Sam. It was a really nice way to wrap up the whole episode, but we got to see a lot of character development from the last episode carry over. Barry was still annoying, popping in to help Max escape the basement, but refusing to go further, too scared. Annie is trying to prove herself, and when she thinks she fails, tries to resign, only to be told it was a good lesson she needed. Leroy his distanced himself from Max, but still brings up the fact Max is dealing with his wife running away, and Max seems just as innocent as before, but not willing to give up the others for his own gain. The series seems to finally have a solid story path, and the characters are now growing, not trying to find their place.

Well, that’s all for now, my friends. Stay shiny, and I hope to see you next week.

Who even likes Terry, anyways?