Episode 2×14 of CBS’ Scorpion, while bland, was not altogether unforgettable. Albeit it had one of the weaker missions of the season, the episode had a few gems to offer as a saving grace. This episode focused (or was supposed to focus) on Sylvester’s relationship with his estranged father, Kent, after he suddenly reappears with information about a super weapon known as the Sun Gun. Ya, I mean I would have come up with a more threatening name, perhaps one that doesn’t sound like a preschooler made it up, but sure. Sylvester is convinced that the Sun Gun is just a myth his father has been obsessively chasing for decades, but Kent swears that the weapon is real and that is hours away from being launched.

Anyways, before we can get to the mission, as always we have to address some deep emotional issue. But not directly. We’re going to tackle it from a different angle. And it’s always the more complicated angle, but such is life when you’re working with geniuses with no EQ. So Walter decides that the best way to venture out and be more social is to speed date. This is obviously supposed to be comically ironic, and it did get a chuckle or two out of me, especially when Cabe jumped into the dating pool and was equally as incompetent. So after a failed speed dating trial, Walter ends up dissatisfied, Cabe is annoyed, and Toby is sick with the flu, given to him after the bartender sneezed in his drink (RUDE).

Sylvester’s dad shows up and the team is packs their bags for Africa. From Antartica to Africa all in the same month, nice. Toby has to stay behind, though, and throughout the episode we get some adorable scenes between him and Ralph, who volunteers to take care of him.

The everything in the first half of the episode goes pretty smoothly, which is a change for Team Scorpion. We’re used to things going horribly wrong within the first 20 minutes. But in this episode, the plan goes pretty smooth, and Walter even gets offered a job with the Prime Minister (I think that’s what he was, someone correct me if I’m wrong) of a country in Africa (I can’t remember which one), who also happens to be a genius. Mr. Prime Minister has a IQ of 203, beating Walter’s IQ by 6 points.

Some stuff goes down with some solar panels and the Sun Gun, which turns out to be real, and the Prime Minister, who happens to have some evil plot and he yells “those American idiots!” a couple times in there. Ya, things got kind of fuzzy for me here. They have to stall the Prime Minister, so Happy, Paige, and Walter go a fancy dinner party they were invited to. They realize the launch code is on the Prime Minister’s fancy watch that’s on his wrist, so they must devise a plan to take it from him.

And then we get to a pretty great scene. Toby informs the group that the Prime Minister is planning on taking his wife to the “naughty room” (HAHA TOBY), so they have to distract him first. This leads to what has to be the Toby best line in the series to date: “If he’s even half the paramour I am he’ll be in there for hours!”

I honestly cannot believe Toby said that but I am so glad he did. BEST. LINE. EVER.

To stall the Prime Minister, Paige grabs Walter and pulls them on stage and they break out into a wonderful of Elton John’s Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. Que screams from the Waige fans! Yes, Walter and Paige sung a DUET! And it was amazing! Kat McPhee does have an incredible voice and it was fun to see Elyes Gabel play around with that too. Happy also does a little acting and dance with the Prime Minister and swipes the watch from him.

In the meantime, Sylvester and his father have a heated heart-to-heart. Throughout the episode, Sly’s father was constantly harping on him, criticizing everything he ever did. This same behavior is what drove Sylvester away in his teens, and his father still behaves this way even after years of silence between them. When the two are trapped together, Sylvester confronts him, telling him that he’s never been the son his father wanted him to be, but he wasn’t going to change who he was, and it should have been Kent that fathered his son no matter who he turned out to be.

I have to give major props to whoever wrote the all the Sylvester/Kent dialogue. It’s some of the best dialogue in the show and utilizes a lot of raw emotion and clever lines.

The conflict is solved, everyone’s saved, and Sylvester actually has a very touching resolving moment with his father. Although I did find it kind of funny that it was never mentioned to Sly’s father that Sly got married and then his wife died. That important part of his life never got brought up. Oh well I guess.

The scene cuts to the Happy, who is tucking in a sick Toby, who’s passed out in a chair. She asks Ralph if he took care of Toby with all his favorite things just like Happy asked him to, and Ralph says yes. Happy pays Ralph for his trouble and the EQ confused little genius asked why she takes such good care of Toby when she yells at him all the time. Happy then tells Ralph that the truth is she is falling for him. Que screams from the Quintis fans! Ralph then replies with a hilarious “Ew. Gross.”

In the final scene, Walter tells Paige that she sounded lovely when she sang, and in an adorable flirty banter, she invites her and Ralph to dinner with him. It’s a sweet Waige ending for what started out pretty rough.

Sad to say, though, this Waige adorableness doesn’t really last for long. In the promo for next week’s episode, Walter is going on a date, and it’s not with Paige. Oh boy.

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