Source: FOX // New Girl

Episode Synopsis:

When Jess is served a restraining order by her former boyfriend, Sam, she sets out to clear her name with Winston’s help. Nick and Schmidt plot against the owner of a trendy new bar that opened on their street.

Jess & Winston– We continue our Doctor Sam journey with Jess trying to contact Sam over and over again. Unfortunately, Sam isn’t getting back to her and we find out why, when a man comes into the bar and gives Jess an envelope. She opens up the envelope and realizes that Sam has given her a restraining order. To make matters worse, Jess decides to go find Sam and tell him that she’s not crazy. When she walks into the parking lot of Sam’s work and sees him walking to his car, she immediately jumps into the bed of a truck, and of course this is Sam’s truck. She then calls Winston for help. Funnily enough, Sam decides that he’s going to get his car washed, and craziness ensues when Jess attempts to escape the car wash, and ends up landing on the front of Sam’s truck and freaking him out. They end up of talking, and out of pity, Sam decides to give Jess a ride back home. While on the way, they almost get into an accident and in that moment, Sam reveals that he still has a crush on Jess and they kiss. This part literally made no sense to me. It felt super random and forced. Like Sam, literally just gave Jess a restraining order, and now he’s kissing her? Whatever you say writers. When they finally get back to the loft, Winston springs into action, and tries to separate the two because of the restraining order Sam has on Jess. They explain to Winston that they’ve worked things out and Sam tells Jess that he got the restraining order because he thought she had matured more than he had, and he didn’t want to attempt to get back together because of that. He then decides to leave. While thinking about this for a second, Jess runs back downstairs and tells Sam that she really hasn’t changed and they officially get back together.

Nick, Schmidt & Cece- Nick and Schmidt are dealing with some competition because there is a bar that has opened down the street. And this bar has decided to use “The Griffin’s” parking as valet parking. Nick, Schmidt and Cece decide to take action, and talk to the owner at the bar. Things don’t go as planned and when they return, they see that their soda line has been cut (even though Cece had cut it earlier on accident). To get revenge, Nick and Schmidt decide to throw a fish into the other bar’s air vent system, but sadly they get caught by the security camera, and the owner telling them that she will get back at them. To end things once and for all, Nick decides to call together the business’s on the street and talk things through. Both bar owners make amends and Nick decides that their bar will start having valet.

This episode was pretty much all over the place. Like I said before, I feel like Sam and Jess’s relationship has been forced back together. It was great seeing Sam in the last episode, but I think that was all we needed. And the fact that he’ll be staying around till the finale is a no-no. I guess the writers are really trying to keep Nick and Jess apart, even though the fans are dying for them to get back together. Also, it kind of sucked that Winston didn’t have a lot of screen time and the subplot was so-so. The one scene that I really liked however, was when Nick was telling Schmidt that he has been working hard to keep the bar afloat. This really showed progression in Nick’s character because he’s actually taking responsibility for something and is making an effort at his job. This is definitely a 180 from how he normally is, which is lazy. I just hope that the rest of the episodes this season are better because if I look back at this season, there really wasn’t anything magical that happened.

2/5 rating