Just as quickly as Barry pushed the limits of his speedster abilities last week, he ends up losing it and giving to Iris this week. Insert facepalm. However, don’t let that first line distract you from the fact that this was another strong episode that is building to what I suspect is an even stronger season finale.

With last week’s drama heavy episode with Flashtime, I was afraid this week would be the same thing but with Barry moping around not having his powers and Iris being petrified of being a newly made speedster that has ALL of Barry’s abilities. Instead I was wrong, while sure the first few minutes of the episode was drama heavy, it made home the fact that Iris isn’t normally outside fighting villains like the rest of the team is and she’s monitoring the computers instead with the only time she’s out on the field is when she fought Savitar last season. Once the power switch happened due to Meltdown’s metahuman powers, the show liven up with Iris diving head first into being a speedster and Barry awkwardly taking on the role of team monitor behind a computer.

The Flash — Run, Iris, Run

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The other side story was Harry obsessed with being one step ahead of DeVoe that he actually wanted to created a Thinking Cap of his own to supercharge his mind; but Cisco was extremely hesitant in helping Harry create it and didn’t want him to end up going made like DeVoe did. So it lead to the friends bickering throughout the whole episode, which was actually totally different to how they normal act with them bantering on everything under the Arrowverse sun.

Other stuff happening was actually Ralph showing up to provide both key interactions with Iris, one for making her want to step away from the computer and another for after she saved the day from a nameless fire-meta by creating a tsunami.

Normally this season is mostly defined by the show getting back to what made season one such a hit, the witty banter and the lovable characters. So it’s a bit strange to see them step away from the bantering now, but it’s a given since the season is fast wrapping up and the DeVoe threat still hangs over the head of everyone on Team Flash. Thankfully though, Meltdown isn’t a villain and instead will start to train and team up with Team Flash and try to use his powers to strip DeVoe of all of his metapowers he stole from everyone. Well, that is, if DeVoe hasn’t already thought of it now; until next week speedsters.