Sanvers fans, we knew this day was coming. From the moment they announced Florina Lima’s departure, we knew things may end badly between Alex and Maggie. That doesn’t make it hurt any less. Fans of the show were distraught to find that after a heavy disagreement about kids, Alex and Maggie decided to call off their engagement; while it seems to have been somewhat mutual, it doesn’t mean I didn’t spend the entire week curled up in bed crying about my OTP not surviving. But I get it, kids are a huge turning point in a relationship – whether you want them or not can make or break it. Regardless, I powered through the episode and wallowed in my feels like everyone else.

Before we get down and dirty in the details of the sunken Sanvers ship, let’s dive into the other portions of the episode. Morgan Edge was, as always, a dirty, slimy, rotten son of a b-…witch…when he used Lena and Supergirl’s decision to spread lead throughout the atmosphere to get rid of the Daxamites as his own weapon, blaming the duo (Mostly Lena) for the lead-poisoning that was affecting children all over the world. Sam is roped into the issue when one of her daughter’s friends collapses in the schoolyard. The city demands Lena’s head on a spike over the actions, and as an attempt at good faith, she steps down from not only Catco, but L-Corp as well. She holds a press-conference to hopefully show the people that she didn’t intend for this, but it ends badly when a woman begins firing off shots at everyone on stage, Sam included. Kara catches a stray bullet, but unfortunately one finds it’s mark in James Olsen’s shoulder. Sam invites Lena to stay at her home for the night, which Lena begrudgingly accepts – which is where Kara finds her, drunk and defeated, claiming she’s no better than her own brother.


Jimmy nooo – Supergirl – The CW

Sam and Kara work together overnight to find answers, when they decide, on a hunch, to check the bank statements for all of the parents and what they find is that each kid ate at a food truck, on the same day, during an Octoberfest celebration at one of the National City parks. Their investigation leads them to a local pool, that, upon further snooping, they find has been infested with a toxic chemical that mimics lead poisoning. Kara sends a sample to Winn just to be safe, and they quickly learn that Acre Lee Chemicals has been the one to provide the chlorine. Kara calls Lena to let her know that it wasn’t her doing, but when she tells the CEO the name of the chemical company, it sparks recognition. Lena takes matters into her own hands and visits Morgan Edge at his office, where she holds him at gun point – that is until one of his goons knocks her unconscious. She wakes up buckled into a chair…30,000 feet in the air. (Side note: Lena holding a gun so steadily at Morgan was just…it was very attractive??? I love Katie McGrath.) Anyway, Yep. she’s on a plane, headed lord knows where. The Plane is being auto-controlled from a remote location, and is FULL of Acre Lee Chemicals. Edge plans to plummet it into a reservoir, which will poison all of National City, but it backfires when a fragmented stress-call gets out.

I'm literally in love

I just…I’m in love? She’s terrifying – Supergirl – The CW

Supergirl comes to the rescue, and attempts to blow the engines from the inside, by pushing at the ceiling of the plane – that ALSO backfires tremendously, when the plane splits in half. Lena ends up on the bottom side of one half, the chemicals at the other, with Kara desperately trying to hold them both. Lena begs her to save the chemicals instead, but Supergirl convinces her to climb up. Successfully saving them both, Edge shoots his goon and leaves him to die, using him as the scapegoat that wouldn’t trace back to him, the bastard. Supergirl herself decides to visit Edge’s office, and she. looked. pissed. He backhandedly threatens her, while ragging on how she decides to dish out justice, and honestly just…punch him through the wall. But seriously, the rage in her eyes would’ve had me crying and begging for mercy. Regardless, she simply stomps away, leaving Edge to gloat and be smug, and make everyone hate him more.


All my girls have angry eyes this season – Supergirl – The CW

Later that evening, she, Sam, and Lena all sit on the couch, proud that they were able to synthesize a cure for everyone involved, as well as clear Lena’s name. The trio hug it out, and its’ when they part ways that things get interesting. Sam is putting Ruby to bed when her daughter points out that there’s a hole in her shirt. She brushes it off as a weird thing, before walking downstairs, obviously and truly alarmed by the hole. she searches her jacket and…lo-and-behold, a bullet – a flattened bullet, falls out and onto the counter. Look, the closer we get to Reign the more I don’t want it to happen because I adore Sam and I adore her friendship with Kara and I just want everyone to be happy and loved.


A New Kryptonian On The Block – Supergirl – The CW

Speaking of happiness, let’s move on to the most depressing part of the show. Alex and Maggie ultimately decide to call things quits over their differences, but it obviously hurts them immensely. The duo have one last hoorah, dancing and kissing the night away, but at the end of the day, they part ways in a tearful goodbye, and honestly my heart can’t handle this right now, so I’m going to just continually sit in a dark corner of my room and pretend it didn’t happen. Catch up on Supergirl every Monday on The CW!