Legends Mallus 2

John Noble as Mr. Morland Holmes in CBS’ Elementary. Photo courtesy of YouTube.

Entertainment Weekly has officially revealed that the legendary John Noble has been enlisted by CW’s Legends Of Tomorrow to bring his voice to Mallus, the big bad of Legend’s third season.

When it came to teasing Mallus and his role in the plot, Marc Guggenheim had this to say: “That’s the big mythology of the season and what makes Mallus cool at this stage of everyone’s viewing experience is that right now he is just a name and is this whisper.”

We know that Mallus is clearly someone we should be afraid of, as the Time Bureau themselves don’t think they can deal with his impending threat. Mallus is a being responsible for the return of Kausa, and the impending resurrection of Damien Darhk. The odds are that Mallus won’t stop there, and will likely be responsible for many more villain foes going up against the Legends in upcoming episodes.

John Noble is well known for his roles in popular shows like Elementary, Sleep Hollow, and Fringe (a personal favorite). It would seem that John Noble’s role would be very similar to Tony Todd’s voice work for Zoom in season two of The Flash, or Tobin Bell’s for Savitar in season three.  So don’t expect to see John Noble suited up and taking on the Legends himself.

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