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Legion – Chapter 6

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Our crew is in the upside down place.

After last week’s final scene mind bend, the group ended up in the mental institute, together, as patients…with Lenny as their psychologist. It is disconcerting to see a pulled together, somewhat kind Lenny run group therapy and head shrink Melanie, David and Syd. The only inkling that something is amiss and that the mutant group is in an alternate reality is a door. Sydney notices a bedroom door in the hallway of the institute. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not. And that’s the first step to a total breakdown of the setup David’s malignant alter has made.

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The lapses in reality come a bit quicker. In the cafeteria, David’s sister Amy is a mean nurse who denies David his lunchtime treat, pie. When Syd tries to give him her pie, mean nurse Amy won’t let her. As Sydney begins to eat, gross, creepy-crawley bugs pop out of the pie. The cracks have increased and once the ball starts rolling, it can’t be stopped apparently.

Another differentiation: Kerry/Cary don’t inhabit only Cary’s body. They’re separate people who naturally gravitate toward one another but maintain individual identities.

The differences are so much greater in alternate reality. David thinks Syd is schizophrenic and he’s manic-depressive. It’s opposite land and Sydney is discovering more things that just don’t add up.

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Seeing a bloody bullet hole in the wall rushes everything back to Sydney’s consciousness. David’s massive powers. The malignant alters. A very dead Lenny Busker stuck in the wall. Body swapping with David after briefly touching him. Sensing a loss of control, faux psychologist Lenny provides her with headphones under the guise of music therapy. The chorus of crickets puts Syd in a stupor and things are significantly changed after that. Cary is transported into the woods by a colorful ice cube. Kerry is nearly assaulted by the Bad Perm Mutant™. Melanie is led to actual reality by a person in a deep sea diving suit. The last moment before they were vaulted into alternate reality is laid out very clearly for her. It’s beyond upsetting.

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The crack in the sky is complete. David is trapped in a box, Lenny is still running things and Sydney is being led who knows where by the deep sea diver.

Let’s see where this goes, shall we?

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