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Season Finale, “The Happy Couple” and “The Wedding”

I have to admit something: I had major doubts after the pilot of “The Catch.” In my first recap, I harped on the lack of cohesion, the nonsensical plot and the gaps in relationships between so-called BFFs/business partners, Alice and Valerie. Over the last 10 weeks, this show self-corrected and gave its audience a high-flying, entertaining bit of television.

In the supersized, double episode finale, the cons and the P.I.s find themselves crossed and double-crossed with the final scenes leaving the P.I.s at a crossroads. It left off exactly from the penultimate episode-Alice walking in on Dao and Ben. They strike a tentative agreement to work together to bring down the Kensington Firm…although Alice insists on blanket immunity for Ben and Dao states that won’t happen. During the negotiations, Ben receives a text from business partner Rhys. Finding Margot at the meet place, confusion abounds for Ben when Rhys waltzes in and says he didn’t text either one of them. Enter the most terrifying party in all of this: Sybil, aka Margot and Rhys’s mum.

When I say Mum is terrifying, I mean it. She psychologically tortures a man into giving up classified safe room codes by showing him his kids on her tablet, in real time. After the gent provides the info, her equally horrible and silent bodyguard Jamison, puts two rounds in his chest. Mum is not to be trifled with.

During this part one, I must say Alice’s behavior was infuriating (as it has been all season). Securing an immunity deal with the help of Val’s ex-husband Gordon, he makes a strong point by asking Alice “Is this what you really want?” Let’s not forget, Christopher/Ben stole from Alice AND Val-they are co-owners of the P.I. firm and he helped ransack their assets (Sophie had to hack the Kensington Firm to retrieve it). Although Ben atoned somewhat, he hadn’t made complete absolution (in my mind).

While Ben was playing the short game with the Kensington Firm, he made one fatal error: he disclosed his involvement with the FBI to Reggie, who promptly took that information and narc’d to Margot. So much for Ben and Reggie being “brothers.” There’s no loyalty in conmen I suppose.

On to the actual con…

Sybil has Rhys and Ben try to score an invite to the social event of the season: the wedding of Stephanie and Morgan. It seems very nonchalant-she’s an attorney, he runs a non-profit. There doesn’t seem to be an angle until we find out Morgan’s mother is the CEO/founder of a major shipping conglomerate. The additional angle of getting to the couple’s wedding (and Morgan’s mother) involves Ben and Rhys playing a couple. The result: a hilariously over-the-top DENOUNCEMENT of marriage by Rhys. Which in turn leads to Stephanie and Morgan calling off their wedding. Mum will not be well-pleased.

You’ll recall Margot impersonated Alice’s therapist? Well Margot got made, by wearing the very same necklace the princess gave to Christopher/Ben. Raiding their hotel, the find out that master counterfeiter Leah Wells is also in on the con now. With that link, they’re able to track the cons movements to foreign currency exchange markets. Getting the jump, Margot slinks out and pulls a gun on Alice…only to get caught by Val pulling a gun on her. It’s a great moment for Val (who is such an underrated character)-we can only hope that she has more powerful moments next season.

Rhys and Ben make things right with Stephanie and Morgan, with Rhys giving a beautiful speech about faith, fidelity and all that. It’s enough to almost make the audience believe that Rhys believes in love (which we know he doesn’t). The wedding of the season is back on and “Andy & Charlie” (Rhys and Ben) will have a front row seat as event coordinators.

While Margot is in FBI custody, Mum pulls the biggest heist of them all: busting her daughter out of federal hands. Mum has fingers in all of the pots, including a mole in the FBI apparently. Her second pièce de resistànce: getting Leah to print off tens of millions of counterfeit dollars. Her third move: kidnapping Alice for leverage against Ben. We find out what all of this is for at the society wedding: Morgan’s shipping magnate mother holds millions of dollars in a safe on their property…where the wedding is. The con is a well-coordinated effort but it’s thwarted by Alice wiggling out of Rhys’s hands and having AVI there to bring it all down.

Mum thought she was in the clear, Leah thought she was a partner to the cons, but in the end, the one left standing with the money and the freedom was Margot (and Jamison). Although Alice and Ben believed themselves to be in the clear (with Rhys’s help, who would’ve thunk it?), that stolen painting comes back to bite everyone in the backside. Alice is arrested, AVI’s assets are seized and although Ben declares himself the stolen portrait mastermind, everything is in a state of flux.

A promising first season led to a very satisfying cliffhanger. We’ll be back next season to see what will happen when a P.I. and a conman fall in love on…“The Catch!”