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Coming off the back from a great previous episode, “got your six” falls short of keeping the same momentum. We, unfortunately, get a filler episode there without too much going on. While we do see the effect of Turner losing his memories it’s not as effective as I hoped.

We see a bit of development from Blink and John. We see a bit of the possibility of a love triangle but that is cut short in order to focus on this weeks mission. The mission just felt a bit flat. The stakes didn’t seem all that high. While it always welcomed to see the use of the mutant powers and how they combine them in order to save Reed and Marcos, it just didn’t feel like anything special.

I wish we spent some more time with Tuner and Dr. Campbell.  I was more interested to see where their new agreement would lead them and mean for the mutant. But I guess we will have to wait until the next episode. Hopefully, the files they stole will finally lead us to the main villain of the season who I am convinced is Dr.Campbell.

Overall not a terrible episode but really nothing there besides filler and moving some plot points forward.  We only have four more episodes to go and really counting they deliver.  The season has been pretty good and sold so far and hoping this filler episode just means we can get nothing but great episodes from here on out.