This week on Penny Dreadful, all our story lines start to converge and it seems the tides are changing for all our characters. Good and Bad.

We start off with Lily, revealing more about her Brona life than she did when she still spoke with a brogue accent.

We find her in a gloomy cemetery, watching over another mourning woman as she watches a small casket lowered into the ground. Lily walks over and gives a very impassioned speech about how women will rise up soon and over take the Patriarchy.

I love this speech, but I just couldn’t help but feel like this wasn’t the time and place for her to give such a speech. I’m sure that woman did not give one crap about Lily’s agenda, she was burying her child. The real point of the scene however, was the real reason Lily was at the cemetery in the first place.

Laying flowers down at her daughters grave, Sarah Croft.


We then pick up with Vanessa, resting among the bits of hay strewn about after her night with Dracula, though she still was unaware of this.

Renfield, who seems has made it his personal mission to up the creep factor every episode crawled along like an insect to lick her jaw and who knows what else until he was caught be Drac.

He’s a bit possessive ya know? He the wakes Vanessa up with sweet nothing and I just want to cry because she’s just so damn happy and she deserves all the happiness.

On her way home, The Creature is awaiting Vanessa. He is in deep need for her sage advice and honestly I think this the best decision he’s made yet. Vanessa makes everyone better.

I’ve also been dying to see this two interact since their flashback episode, and I was not disappointed. While Vanessa didn’t make a big deal out of it, she does make a point to tell him that she did know him before, and she knows that he is a kind, good man with a family that is waiting for him.

Over in the far west, Ethan and his older comrades were gathering what their next move would be.

Kaetenay simply stated he was going where Ethan went. And Ethan, well he was getting back to Vanessa no matter what. Which, YAY FINALLY GET BACK TO HER ALREADY!

Kaetenay, while giving an Apache pep talk got over taken by a vision and whoa.

I mean, I just knew that the scene they’ve been showing all over the trailers, where Ethan runs up the stairs to grab Vanessa was too good to be real. I just knew that was going to end up being a vision or a dream. However, it did serve to hit our male heroes over the head with the fact that Vanessa need them all home now.

Lily is throwing an extreme feminist party at Dorians’ place. I get it that she’s going quite a bit insane with her methods, but I can’t help but think about the times these characters are living in. Is it really so crazy, when this is quite literally the only way these women have to fight back? Probably yes, but I’m still rooting for her.

Dorian however, is definitely becoming opposed. It’s become clear to us and to him, that with these women he is very disposable, and utterly unwanted. He’s no longer Lily immortal partner. Just the man who is giving her the means for her bloody revolution.

Justine, who has definitely taken to Lily and Dorian’s lifestyle. I mean, can you really be scared of someone once you have a legit bloody threesome? Dorian is done with her though, with her and this whole group of women.

Last week Dorian told Frankenstein that he owed him a favor and it seems like he plans on collecting that sooner rather than later.

While out for a stroll, Dorian confronts Lily about her plans, about tossing him to the side. She really doesn’t seem to care quite honestly. I believe she is done with him as well and only keeping him around because of the means he affords her.

Well he argues with her until they are positioned in front of a cart, which of course has the Science Bros. waiting inside to kidnap and chain up Lily.

I don’t know how rest of you all saw this scene, but when I saw Lily chained up on the floor of the lab, three dominating males standing over her telling her how they were going to force her to be “happy”, I was actually scared for her. That is why I don’t like these men, they insist on taking away this woman’s free will because she proves to be more power than they are.

Back with the Creature, he has taken Vanessa’s advice and finally confronted his wife. I know anyone who is reading this couldn’t have been alone in just waiting for something absolutely horrible happening. We’ve been raised in a culture of Game of Thrones after all. If a character seems like he could possibly be happy soon, he’s probably getting his head chopped off.

But Penny Dreadful surprised us all, when his wife greeted him with pure happiness and acceptance. I got to admit, I cheered. It was truly nice to see pure human decency and love for once. So the Creature is  back with his wonderful family once again, I still fear for the future because there is jut no way this story line is going to end happy this season is there?

Ethan and Co. are already on a boat back to London, which I’m happy to see that they are treating this threat to Vanessa seriously. Kaetenay starts his bone mojo to check up on Vanessa.

This conversation was probably my favorite of the season. He just cut through all the bullshit surrounded Vanessa and her fate. He says something that has been becoming more and more clear all season. Dracula and Lucifer aren’t really the ultimate evil ones to fear.

Vanessa is. She is the greatest evil, but only if she succumbs to it. She also has the potential to be good.

It might all be for nothing though when Kaetenay see her eyes turn red. She is already half way his, he states  before begging Malcolm to somehow bribe the captain to speed up their boat.

We check in with Dr. Seward and this woman confuses me so much. I honestly can not tell if she believes Vanessa or not. The last couple episodes she seem to completely believe her, but here, she tells Renfield how Vanessa is a genuine split personality.

Renfield definitely creeps Seward out however so I expect this storyline to converge with the rest soon.

Cat pays a visit to Vanessa that night, and can I just say that I love how this season has been half about creating a circle of female empowerment around Vanessa? Seward and Cat both are some tough chicks and they both quickly developed an attachment to Vanessa and her protection.

Cat comes to help with research on Dracula, or actually tell Vanessa how she’s doing it all wrong. The really important bits she tells us, is that Dracula can be killed just like any one else while in his human form. Also, that he tends to hang out in a place called The House of the Night Creatures.

Cat takes this to be symbolic for some dreadful, while Vanessa, connects the dots immediately.

Didn’t she just have a date with Dr. Sweet in his new exhibit called…you guess it! House of the Night Creatures.

She wastes no time after that. You know Malcolm’s house is still completely armed with guns and swords everywhere so it takes her about five minutes to grab a gun and walk straight to the Museum.

Dracula is good though, I’ll give him that. There is a reason they refer to him as the Seducer many times. As she confronts him with his lies, he doesn’t go on the attack or the defensive. He just continues to declare his love for her.

He finally gets through to Vanessa with his confession of just wanting her to be who she is in all her true glory. Which really, isn’t that all Vanessa has ever wanted? To be cared for despite of her darker side.

So with that, Vanessa stretches out her neck, and gives in to Dracula and his fangs. The city, and presumably the world, starts becoming covered in fog at that exact moment and it seems that the dreaded phophecy is coming true.

Perhaps it is too late for Ethan to save her?

Next week is the TWO HOUR season finale. I’m sending out hugs to everyone because I just have a feeling it’ll be a doozy.

Article Submitted by Jenn Lueck