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Legends of Tomorrow Poster. Photo Courtesy of CW.

A big change is coming to DC’s Legends Of TomorrowDeadline is reporting that at some point during the third season, Victor Garber—who currently plays Martin Stein—will be leaving the show in order to star in an upcoming Broadway production of the Hello, Dolly! Revival, which is set to open their curtains on January 20th, 2018.

Now this may seem like a last minute decision to some, which is always a scary thought.  A sudden change this large could send the story and overall path of the show in an entirely different direction than what was originally intended. Rest assured though, that this is not the case here. Deadline is also reporting that Garber’s exit on the show has been planned for some time now, and that there are no plans for him to return for future episodes at this time.

Exact time and details of his exit were not given, but Deadline speculates that the big moment may happen during this year’s big annual Arrowverse crossover. It is not clear what this means for Franz Drameh, who stars alongside Garber as the second half of Firestorm.  Odds are he will likely remain the face of Firestorm, as the character has been without Stein before.  This will also open up the doors for a new character potentially filling in the gap left by Stein’s exit down the line.

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Victor Garber as Martin Stein. Photo Courtesy of DC Legends TV.

An issue I’ve always had with DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow is how the show has, and continues to, pluck characters out of their respective shows and away from stories I’d generally rather have them be a part of.  Martin Stein—who was introduced to the audience during The Flash—is an example of this, along with characters such as Captain Cold, Heatwave, Reverse Flash, and soon to be Gorilla Grodd.  So it makes me sad to think that he may leave us without having any continued story/presence/proper conclusion on The Flash.  However this worry could easily be rectified if Deadline’s speculation about the crossover is indeed true.

No matter what happens, I hope his exit is what the character and fans deserve.  What thoughts do you guys have on this huge change? How might it impact the show going forward?  Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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