I’m the worst, no I’m the worst, you’re both right you are the worst. Photo Credit: DC’s The Legend of Tomorrow/CW

Special note!! Legends of Tomorrow returns on a new night. Starting on Tuesday January 24th at 9 pm after the Flash. I am interested to see how this fits into concurrent stories for cross overs.

The Legends fresh off stopping the Dominators are back on the hunt for Rip Hunter, Damian Darhk or any other aberrations. Gideon gets alerted to a large aberration in 1927 in Chicago, where Damain Darhk, Reverse Flash and Malcolm Merlyn have offered Al Capone some help in his empire.

The Legends travel to 1927 to try to stop the unknown threat but they do know it’s the Al Capone era, briefly before they depart Professor Stein tries to convince Jefferson not to tell anyone about his daughter from a time aberration, his head is in the clouds. The Legends go to try to stop Detective Elliott Ness before someone is tipped off on what he is doing in the future. Ness is stopped by the authorities who tell Palmer they are taking him in, when they realize they tell everyone to stop them but Stein is daydreaming about his daughter and memories that did’t happen. Al Capone plans to throw cement shoes on Ness and throw him into the river. The Legends figure out where Capone likely took Ness and went ot stop his men from drowning Ness. We see Darhk in the shadows say that Malcolm was correct they took the bait.

The Legends decide to break off into groups to go under cover to try to take down one of Capone’s operations, Mick stays to drink and watch Ness and Vixen has to stay behind to watch Mick. Mick is drunk and is seeing visions of Snart telling him he should stop taking orders and be a criminal. He says that sacrificing yourself for others isn’t that great. T

The rest of the Legends had a horrible time and got beat when they ran into Damian Darhk, and then Reverse Flash ended up kidnapping Sarah and Professor Stein. At the ship while thinking of a plan, Mick grew tired of hearing the bickering brothers think of a plan, and fail, Mick says the best way to capture someone like Capone is to think like a criminal. Mick takes the lead and they steal a transport truck heading to Capone’s headquarters. While being held captive, Malcolm Merlyn shows that he is apart of the plan and he is willing to give Sara 9 years of her life back, he was the one who ordered the ship to sink she was on with Oliver, which had many domino effects, her being an assassin, Deathstroke, Laurel dying. But Sara refuses to change the past and in turn create countless unknown consequences for that for her personal gain. She says she learned to be strong and sacrifice from Stein who tells Sara about his aberration, who is obviously upset about that.

Sara and Stein are saved, mainly thanks to Vixen and Mick, they have a battle with Capone and Capone throws the fight making the Legends think they have won. It goes according to plan. Back at the ship Vixen and Mick share a moment, Vixen tanks Mick for saving her, and she wants to say thank you and she swiped a bottle from Capone for him and he is right that sometimes bad guys do have more fun, but she isn’t saying he is a bad guy and kisses him on the cheek.

Even in death Snart is a full on villain. Getting in Mick’s head telling him he shouldn’t get attached to Vixen and essentially saying that being good is a bad idea. Even in death Snart steals the scenes.

Back at the ship professor Stein seems off and says he will go to the library to study the aberrations, Jackson who is obviously tied to Stein feels something is off and watches in on the library as he can see a speedster is in the room. Sara was on the way to the library to talk to Stein about why he was being weird and she got Jackson’s warning to late. Reverse Flash’s cover is up and fights back, goes to the control room turns of the shields and opens the cargo door letting Malcolm and the goons come in with the orders to kill anyone they see. A nice sidebar is that Palmer is able to get his suit to be super small now. Reverse Flash is looking all over for the amulet. Vixen and Mick fight him and able to slow him down momentarily, Reverse Flash is able to turn the tables and has Vixen dead to rights when he has an alarm that goes off.

While this is happening Sara and Malcolm fight in the captain’s chambers, Sara is able to get the upper hand and asks where Stein is, he tells her he will tell but they have to make an arrangement for that to happen. They have to turn over the amulet for the coordinates of where Stein is, Sara goes and saves Stein from a cinder block drowning at the pier. Stein wanted to know why they spend so much time trying to stop aberrations in the timeline but are willing to give up the amulet for him. She says that she can’t save Laurel but she can save members of this team which is like her dysfunctional family and their families and asks about Stein’s daughter.

As we near the close of the mid season the three bad guys gather to see why they went through so much trouble for the amulet pieces. The pieces are actually two pieces of the same amulet, which is actually a compass that points to the Spear of Destiny which actually can rewrite reality. We now know what their end game was but they have lots to still accomplish. They next need to find Rip Hunter, wherever he might be.

We see a time jump where Rip Hunter is in Los Angeles in 1967 as a director of a film, it appears to be about his own adventures. The leading actor is named Rip Hunter, he looks a bit different, and doesn’t sound British like before, it must be a great act that he is putting on but why has he stayed hidden for so long?

Reminder Legends of Tomorrow return Tuesday at 9 pm on January 24th.