And I think I might be alone in kind of loving it. There was some fucked up shit that was going on during the season finale, but overall I’m really excited for next year… contingent on a certain celestial being’s return from the dead, but we’ll get to that.

In case you don’t recall last week’s episode, Mary was brainwashed by the BMoL to hunt and kill all the American hunters, including her own sons. Ketch, in a bad guy twist straight out of Bond, decides to leave the boys and Toni in the bunker to die slowly.

This is where “Who We Are” picks up. Mary is killing hunters and Jody is next on her list. The boys and Toni are stuck in the bunker, high on sass and low on ideas to get out. Toni tells the boys in her most super helpful way that there is a manual override, but hey it’s outside. Dean is also super helpful by suggesting that they kill Toni to give themselves more time. Toni, understandably, is not down with this plan and says she’s the only one who can fix Mary. Sam plays grown up here and keeps everyone alive and searching for a magical escape. I’m assuming Ketch was thorough enough to block a cell phone signal, too, because otherwise the fact that none of them even mentioned calling someone to use the manual override makes no sense. So the three of them get to researching (Of COURSE Sam’s idea involves research, the nerd). When the spell they concoct is whammied, Dean suggests brute force. There’s a wall that, if they break down, has a sewer line going to the surface. After pickaxing the shit outta this wall with no progress, Sam and a lucky-to-not-be -blind-from-cement-chips Dean take a break to catch the little breath they have left and have a broment. Dean talks about how it was too good to be true, having Cas and Mary back, while Sam feels guilty for going in with the BMoL, following because he didn’t want to lead. Dean has a lightbulb moment and FINALLY gets to use the grenade launcher that has been teased all season. It’s a colossally stupid idea, and it works! Dean hobbles back into the bunk just in time to save Sam from suffocating.

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After they escape, the boys start calling hunters. They go to Jody’s house and find that Mary beat them there. Jody and Alex are too badass to let something as small as an attempt on their lives get them down, though, and the two have Mary trussed up in no time. Toni confesses that she actually can’t help Mary, but hey she didn’t want to die.  The hunters decide that rather than run or die, they should fight back. Finally. They call a bunch of people to Jody’s house (including Walt and Roy, who killed Sam and Dean waaay back in season five). Sam gives a rousing speech a la William Wallace, and they’re off to fight the Brits. Everyone but Dean, that is. His leg is still hurt from the whole grenade thing and he wants to save Mary, if he can.

Source: Justjensenanddean Tumblr

Source: Justjensenanddean Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

While the hunters are off to fight, Dean, Mary, and Toni are heading back to the bunker. Toni might have a way for Dean to get through to Mary, but she selfishly doesn’t carry that shit around in her handbag. When they get to the bunker and Toni puts Dean and Mary to sleep so that Dean can creep into his mom’s super subconscious dream. He’s back at his childhood home and Mary is making 4 year old Dean a PB&J. Adult Dean keeps trying to get through to her, to no avail. I cannot fathom how Jensen Ackles doesn’t have an Emmy yet, and the heartbreaking speech he gives his mom is another worthy performance. He tells her he hates her; tells her all the terrible things that have resulted from her making a deal with Azazel way back in 1973. Dean tearfully tells his mother that he both hates and loves her, and that he forgives her. It seems to finally get through to her, but before we can hear her response, Dean is ripped out of dreamland by Ketch, who I can only assume is a Bond villain, since he took out Toni easily enough, but woke Dean up, rather than kill him immediately. I would say he did it for the sportsmanship of it all, but this is the same man who sent a hellhound after a deaf hunter, so I’m fairly certain that “honor” isn’t in his vocabulary. The two men fight, and even on a bum leg, Dean holds his own until Ketch pulls out a gun and starts monologuing.He doesn’t get too far though, since Mary shoots him in the arms causing a whimper that actually made me laugh out loud. He falls to his knees and calls them killers which, no shit, and then Mary shoots him in the head. Adios, Ketchup.

While Ketch went on his personal mission of caricature bad guy-ness and bad choices, Sam and the other hunters ambush the BMoL headquarters. There is a shit ton of headshots and shooting, and then Sam, Jody and Walt(or Roy, we can never know for sure) corner Headmaster Bitch Hess, who is talking to her buddies on the computer. They throw her under the bus, and so she tries to convince Sam (or Dean, who knows? Certainly not Hess) that this was all just some big misunderstanding. It says a lot that she doesn’t know who is who between the brothers. She (and the BMoL) have made the same mistake that demons, angels, and every other monster to date has: She underestimated them. She tries to save herself by bringing up Lucifer’s return, and when Sam says no thanks, Hess goes for a gun and Jody shoots her in the face. USA! USA!

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After killing Ketch, Mary and Dean have a heart to heart about why she has been such a fucking mess since she came home, and Mary once again becomes a relatable character for me rather than a waste of a great storyline. Of course there is no way she knew about all of Dean’s baggage before his revelations in her dreams, but she did know that her husband was dead, and her babies were living exactly the lives she never wanted for them, and it was all her fault. That is why she had to go. It wasn’t because she missed her babies; it was the guilt constantly wracking her when she saw what they became. Still not a good choice, but at least an understandable one. Dean reassures her that her sons are awesome and kick ass, and Sam walks in for a big ol’ Winchester Hug.


Adios BMoL! I’d like to say I’ll miss you but… nah

BAMF: Sam Fucking Winchester is FINALLY leading an army, just not of demons.

All Along the Watchtower

After icing the BMoL and getting their mom back, you’d think the boys would have a chance to celebrate, or at least take a nap, but since this is Supernatural, instead they get the Devil. While Cas and Kelly are getting all domestic like, prepping for the arrival of Baby Beelzebub or Jack, as it were, the Winchesters are hunting for Cas. Knowing they need Rowena to cage Luci, Sam calls her only to have the Devil himself answer while standing over a charred body. When they determine that they can’t kill or cage Lucifer, it’s decided the best they can do is hide. Now, when a nephilim is born, the power surge sets off a whole bunch of weird shit, so a hunting they will go. Internet hunting, that is.

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Meanwhile, with what has got to be the prettiest view anyone can ask for in a hideout, Cas and Kelly continue to get ready. Cas has taken online doula classes and has read 74 parenting books because of course he has, the cute bean. He assures Kelly that he will raise her son so she can be proud of him. After buying all the diapers known to man, Kelly’s “pressure waves” aka contractions start, and a weird glowing light travels off of her, which Cas investigates after putting Kelly to bed.

Turns out when you touch a glowy crack, it sends you to an alternate universe with demons and red lightning. Cas is saved from a demon by an unknown rescuer and we… cut to commercial!

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Back in the bunker the boys are looking for weird weather patterns and shit and who should show up other than Crowley! Just in case you thought Crowley was dead with last episode, he pops up into the bunker AKA the least secure place on Earth, just in time to hear that Dean is pissed at him, and that Fergus’s mother is dead by Lucifer. Crowley assures the boy that he didn’t let Lucifer out, but his tunnel vision to keep his job kinda may be the reason while Lucifer is free (hint: it totally is). He wanted to win, and was so focused on keeping his job he didn’t realize that he fucking hates his job. He also knows which horse to bet on when it comes to the world ending (Crowley is literally the only being to not underestimate the “big beautiful lumbering piles of flannel”). Crowley promises to seal the gates of Hell if the boys defeat the Devil.  After some more internet searching and a bored Crowley, someone finally sees that there was a power outage in the Pacific Northwest near a house rented by James Novak. Boys, tip for the next time you need to search for Cas: look up rental properties under “his” name. I don’t know why but I found this bit hilarious. Cas, who is a master strategist (just look at how he hid the angel tablet from Naomi back in season 8) rented a house under his own vessel’s name. Anyway, the boys are off to get their angel.

While in labor, Kelly asks a recently-returned-from-Bizarro-World Cas to tell her what he saw when they held hands before. Cas tells her he saw a world without pain or hunger, a world of peace. This could be either paradise or ya know… death, if you think about it. The boys and Mary (Crowley is left behind at the bunker, secured to a table with a demon blade through his hand) show up because the Impala is FAST, and tell Cas they have to run. Cas heals Dean’s leg and says he can’t leave because he’s about to be a pseudo-Daddy! Oh yeah, and there is a crack in space and time in the backyard. Team Free Will heads through the crack and we learn that this is what Earth would be if the Angels had had their way in Season 5 and the boys were never born. It’s a world forever locked in a war between angels and demons. The mystery figure from before shows up and I literally scream a little and shed a tear when we see that it’s Bobby! Not their Bobby; this one never knew them or their dad, but Bobby nonetheless.

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Through AltBobby, we learn that John’s been dead for 40 years, Mary Campbell for ten, and that he has a gun named Rufus full of Angel killing bullets. AltBobby tells them that he didn’t kill Cas on sight because he seemed different (didn’t have a necklace of baby ears, to start) and the two got to chatting. They head back home, overwhelmed(Sam)  and exasperated (Dean) only to find that Crowley pried himself free and is waiting for them. Dean literally throws his hands in the air and they get to planning, while Kelly gets busy dying AKA giving birth. Dean tells Sam that he doesn’t have the faith in this baby that Cas has, but he has faith in Team Free Will Plus Mary and Sometimes Crowley and they head outside with Cas to face Lucifer.

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Lucifer whines a bit more about Dad and wanting to break His toys. Cas charges and is easily swatted away, and the boys run. Lucifer rolls his eyes and I chuckle as they scurry off, but he can’t resist following them through that crack. Dean is waiting for him in AltEarth with Rufus and the angel bullets while Sam and Crowley work on a spell to close the gap. Shooting with angel blade bullets doesn’t work because apparently Lucifer is the only creature who literally can’t be killed. I have no idea why, don’t ask, since every other angel, Arch or otherwise, has been killed by an angel blade. Anyway, Crowley pops in having almost finished the spell and tells the Devil to fuck off.  Lucifer is pretty excited to be able to kill Crowley again, but he has to keep waiting as Crowley says goodbye to the boys and stabs himself with the angel blade, rather than Lucifer. The spell needed a life to work and Crowley gives his. Now THAT is how you kill a beloved character. I’m sad that he’s gone, but at least his death honors him. Just before the boys go back to their world, a determined Cas pops in and goes after Lucifer without a side glance at his friends. Sam literally drags a screaming Dean with him and Cas stabs Ol’ Red Eyes again.

Cas comes back through shortly after them, only to be stabbed in the heart by Lucifer. Cas dies and the boys are in too much shock to really be able to fight. Mary, having just seen Kelly die in a giant flashbang light birth, has no such qualms as she literally walks up and punches the Devil in the face. She keeps punching him and Lucifer loses his balance, grabbing Mary as the two of them fall back into AltEarth before the crack closes. Oh shit. Dean falls to his knees next to Cas, still in shock, while Sam runs into the house to check on the baby. Except Jack’s not a baby, he’s a full grown man, and no wonder women who birth Nephilim die, if that’s what they deliver.

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Alright, that’s it for Season 12 of Supernatural!! What did you think of the finale? Do you think Cas is really dead? How about Crowley and Rowena? I have some thoughts on all three that I’ll share later when I make my season 13 predictions, but suffice it to say, I enjoyed these episodes much more than the one before them. I’ll be back with my top five rated episodes of the season and other Supernatural news while we wait out this hellatus! Thanks for watching with me!!


There was some cool shit, but I’m sad that Crowley’s death seemed a bit overshadowed by Cas’ “death.” I gotta say though, I’m actually really excited for this Alternate Earth storyline and what all doors it can open.

BAMF: You knew it was gonna be Crowley. RIP you limey bastard. I truly hope this isn’t the last we see of you.

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