It’s true, Garnet has been cool and casual in the background of so many episodes lately, but we finally got some one on one time with Garnet in the first of four episodes released by Cartoon Network this past week.

The episode, “Your Mother and Mine”involves Garnet traveling with Steven to the Sun Incinerator. Garnet is the first of the Crystal Gems to meet the Off Colors, aside from Connie and Steven, and their meeting is exactly what I had hoped for.

The sheer joy expressed on Garnet’s face as she excitedly meets each of the Off Colors, from Rhodonite to little Padparadscha is so obvious and sweet. They’re all caught completely off guard not just by Garnet’s natural swagger, but also by the way that she compliments them and validates their existence as gems.

I can relate on a human level to the way in which the Off Colors brush off the compliments, not expecting someone to think so highly of them simply for living as themselves.

And on another note, Garnet’s retelling of her encounters with Rose Quartz during the gem war, although incorrect due to Rose’s sword being unable to shatter a gem, was a great way for the Off Colors to experience the Gem war from the perspective of someone who lived through it.

I greatly enjoyed this episode and I look forward to watching more Steven Universe.

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