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Peter Serafinowicz as the titular character in The Tick. Photo courtesy of CNET.

Good news fans of The Tick! We have a date to save.

This past Saturday at NYCC—also known as New York Comic-Con—The Tick held their very own panel at the packed convention. It’s here that they let everyone know when we’ll be seeing the second half of season one: February 23rd, 2018!

I won’t spoil it for those reading that may not have watched the show yet, but the first half of season one certainly left us hangin’ off a high cliff. Lucky for those having been on the edge of their seat since, they also dropped a new trailer alongside the premiere announcement!

The trailer for the second half of season one can be seen below:

Plenty of teases for what’s to come were also discussed at the panel, with Ben Edlund saying that “All the relationships we set up—there are a lot of things laced into the first half and a lot of structure, to give you ‘payoff bombs’ exploding in your face, filled with satisfaction!” and Barry Josephson adding that we’ll see “more Superian, more Dangerboat, and more Midnight!”

Alongside seeing more of characters we already know, the introduction of classic characters was teased for potential future seasons. Characters like Man-Eating Cow and American Maid were name-dropped, but Edlund jokingly cautioned that people are still in the lab trying to figure out how to do Chairface Chippendale as a live-action character.


Scott Speiser as Overkill. Photo courtesy of Jessica Miglo/Amazon Prime Video.

If you guys haven’t seen the first half of season one yet, be sure to check that out on Amazon’s Prime Video Service, and then you can check out my complete thoughts on it here. Spoiler alert: I highly recommend it.

Comment down below with your thoughts on what they’ve released so far from season one, and what you are looking forward to when it returns!

The Tick returns with the second half of it’s first season on February 23rd, 2018 exclusively on Amazon’s Prime Video Service.