The pilot of the first episode of the X-Men themed series, The Gifted has debuted! How does this Bryan Singer helm premiere hold up?  Incredibly, I was pleasantly surprised by just how solid a premiere this was, it had a strong introduction to this new adaptation of a very familiar universe.

The story was small but a good place to start, I enjoyed the introductions to our main leads and the Strucker family. The show moved along at a solid pace, didn’t really feel forced, and it felt as though we covered quite a bit of ground in this episode. We got an interesting sense of the world this show takes place in. I was initially worried the show was a bit crowded with characters but the writing here knew where to place them and how much time to give them. Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker did a great job as Reed and Caitlin Strucker and had some really good chemistry on-screen. However, I’m still on the fence with the two teens actors at the forefront, but I have to admit they did well for this episode. The only issue I had while watching for the first time, was that I think that Proudstar’s acting and character could be a bit wooden at times. But on that note, the visual storytelling was great and I enjoyed the grounded look of this show. It reminded me a bit of Singer’s first X-Men film.

This totally has potential to be a suitable companion to the critically acclaimed series, Legion. Or the very least an another great comic book based show- Because we sure ended one after that premiere of Inhumans. ( At least in my opinion.) And I feel it needs to be said,  I love that  90’s X-men ringtone.